This is a message for our generation – Jim Caviezel’s testimony

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Holy Spirit is the best Influence over your life – John Zavlaris

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Nu poți lucra la unitatea Bisericii dezbinându-ți familia

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In the past few months, I’ve had two conversations where persons serving on a church staff were struggling with their spouses’ lack of support. One was a pastor whose wife was worn out with a constant stream of criticisms directed at her husband and her family. She was pushing her husband to leave the church and find secular employment.

The other situation involved a children’s minister whose husband was angry because she was gone so many nights. He felt the church was taking advantage of her and pushing her to work too many hours to the neglect of her family.

Both of these ministers were truly struggling. They did not know what steps to take. They were uncertain how to respond to their spouses.

Unfortunately, these situations are not unique. They are…

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Un nou flic-flac al lui Rick Warren – PERSPECTIVE CRESTINE

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Șapte (7) pași pentru a răscumpăra vremea pe Facebook

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Rugaciune Pentru Vindecare si Eliberare – Troy, Michigan


Toti care doriti sa veniti la rugaciune , veniti cu o ora mai repede ca fratele John sa poata sa stea de vorba un pic despre situatia si nevoia care o aveti.Rugaciunea incepe la 4:30 e bine sa fiti la 3:30.Este benefic pt dumneavoastra sa veniti pt aceasta scurta intalnire cu fratele John.In functie de stare si situatia in care va gasiti fratele John calauzit de Duhul Sfant va va da un sfat corespunzator.

Va rog sa folositi intrarea din partea de est a cladirii.




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11 things you should not do as preachers

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Jared Moore put together a checklist of 11 things that you cannot do… if God-centered preaching is your goal. If you want to help your hearers focus on God and think on God when they leave your sermon(s), then here are 11 things that you cannot do… (I picked

11. Over-repeat yourself. There is repetition for emphasis, and then there is repetition for annoyance. Discern between the two by listening to other preachers. Perhaps you should ask your wife if you over-repeat yourself. Wives are great assets to pastors because they will often tell you the truth. Church members are often overly-kind except for the occasional “preaching expert.”

10. Form your sermon points first, and then find a text to fit your points. Rarely will you find a text to fit your points. Instead, in order to make the text fit, you will be forced to pluck the text out of context. The text…

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