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Model de Statut creat de a inlocui sistemul piramidal de conducere din Biserici(2)

Sa continuam incursiunea noastra prin acest model de Statut. Nick aduce in discutie nevoia cronica de a avea in Biserici  „checks and balances” adica controluri reciproce si balantarea puterii. Prin sistemul piramidal in care unul singur este in varf si care a ajuns acolo urcandu-se pe „spinarea altora” este foarte greu sa verifici sau sa controlezi activitatea si viata „bosului, …pardon,  slujitorului. Prin balantarea puterii de decizie la nivel de conducere se ajunge la situatia in care nici una din persoane nu acumuleaza prea multa putere si se face o limitare reciproca. Este imperios necesar sa se poata da socoteala la orice nivel de conducere din Biserica. Conducera Bisericii este chemata sa fie dinamica dar si transparenta.

„…These Bylaws make a real effort to mitigate some of the weaknesses inherent to our human nature by providing checks and balances, by trying to avoid the conflict of interest, by dividing the tasks and assigning different people to do things, by abiding by Robert’s parliamentary rules. Show me a church run by a single person with an legalistic iron fist I will show you a dysfunctional church.

The nomination committee is a good way to sort out the candidates and provide objectivity to the election process.

Although far from being perfect, these Bylaws represent a great improvement, a workable and well rounded document, setting a new standard to be applied to our churches. By design it weeds out the opportunists, the insincere while providing the framework and opening the stage for the truly passionate to serve our Lord…”

Nick Rosioru

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