Model de Statut creat de a inlocui sistemul piramidal de conducere din Biserici(5)

Chapter 3 – Classes of Members

Art 1 – There shall be two classes of members in the Church.

Art 2 – Active Members

The first class of members shall be referred to as active membership roll, and shall consist of all initial members of the Church as of the date of these Bylaws, and all members admitted hereafter from time to time. Young people growing up in the Church and attending the Church regularly will automatically became active members when they turn 18 after filling out a membership application and after having been baptized or have applied to be baptized. New members will be accepted upon completing a membership class, filling out an application and agreeing with Bylaws and Articles of Faith of this church.

Art 3 – Inactive Members

The second class of members shall be referred to as the inactive membership roll, and consists of former active members that have not attended the Church for the last 12 months. Upon identification of those members the Secretary shall transfer those members from the active membership roll to the inactive membership roll. The Secretary shall mail a letter to those members at their last known address according to the Church’s records advising them of this upcoming change in status two weeks before transferring them to the inactive membership roll.

Any member whose name appears in the inactive membership roll may request to be transferred to the active membership roll by making such request to the Secretary. Such transfer shall be made in a reasonable amount of time after the Secretary has confirmed that the member has started attending the Church again. If the member makes no effort to be reinstated as an active member and the Secretary could not contact him, then the Secretary may bring up the membership for termination with a majority vote in a regular business meeting. Secretary will review the active membership roll prior to the annual meeting…”

Iata un capitol destul de controversat. Unele Biserici au si incercat sa introduca aceasta catalogare intre membri. Nu stiu daca au si reusit.  Pe de o parte, ma gandesc ca o astfel de separare bazata doar pe frecventa venitului la Casa de rugaciune, ar produce o sciziune nesanatoasa si ar incuraja un standard mai degraba religios decat spiritual. Pe de alta parte , cred ca ar trebui totusi sa existe un standard spiritual care sa cuprinda mai multe aspecte a vietii credinciosului. Insa deocamdata nu stiu cum s-ar putea incorpora aceasta idee. Astept in continuare solutii.

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