Model de Statut creat de a inlocui sistemul piramidal de conducere din Biserici(6)

„Chapter 8 – Board of Elders

The Church will govern itself through the leadership of The Board of Elders which is the only body with executive powers delegated from the members. All other departments will have only an advisory role – they will report to the Board of Elders and will operate under their guidance. This church is not affiliated or subject to the control of any ecclesiastical body, but enjoys mutual counsel and cooperation with other churches of like faith and order. Each Elder will have high moral standards with a christian conduct, a real role model in the church and in society in general. They should be wise, competent people with a solid judgment and a clear vision for the church. Preaching is not their first priority. They should be able to set policies and guide the church to fulfill its goal of ministering to the needs of the people and proclaim the good news to every sinner. They will be up for election every 4 years by a majority vote. When a position is vacant, the Nomination Committee will provide two recommendations and the church will vote on each one individually. When the incumbent is eligible for reelection, he will be one of the choices by default and Nomination Committee will recommend only one other candidate. Every 4 years the Board of Elders will elect a president to preside over their meetings and be their spokesman. The Board of Elders represents the highest authority in the church and their decisions will be final. A majority vote will be required for any decision unless otherwise specifically stipulated in these Bylaws.

Board of Elders shall serve the Church by leading in planning, coordinating, conducting and evaluating the ministries and programs. One of the primary functions of this board shall be to recommend to the Church suggested ministries and goals; to review and coordinate ministries and program plans recommended by ministry departments and evaluate achievements in terms of Church’s goals. The Board of Elders shall have monthly regular business meetings or special meetings as needed when called on by the president of the Board of Elders or by a majority of the Board of Elders with at least one-week’s notice. Every four months Board of Elders will request to have a all-hands meetings with all other departments for a better focus and coordination of all activities.”

Subscriu cu propunerea fr. Nick Rosioru. Este modelul de conducere, dupa parerea mea, cel mai aproape de modelul biblic. Nu inteleg de ce in bisericile noastre nu intalnim asa de frecvent acest model. Sa fie de vina mostenirea comunista ? Oare cat timp mai trebuie sa treaca pana vom reusi sa ne scuturam „hainele” de acest „colb”?

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