Romanii in America(8)

413ACxgV4JL__SL500_SS500_In postarea  a saptea am ramas la anul 1906.
1908-1909 – The newspaper  „America” was purchased by the Union of Romanian  Beneficial and Cultural Societies, and became the official organ of the Union. In the meantime,  the newspaper „Romanul” was sold by Reverend Lucaciu to a group of professional  journalists who started a strong campaign against the newspaper „America” and the leadership of the Union.
1909 – Three new benevolent societies – „Unirea”,  Avram Iancu ( named after a 19th century Romanian patriot from Transylvania ), and Perivolea ( named after a Romanian village in Greece ) – were founded in the New York City. These societies were very influential during several decades,  and had ramifications in the United States as well as abroad.

“The Romanians in America 1748-1974 A Chronology&Fact Book, Compiled and edited by Vladimir Wertsman”

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