The Crime Happening In Your Church

Timişoara Evanghelică


“Last year my oldest son went through a phase where he refused to finish his dinner and frankly his mother and I were tired of trying to meet his every whim. After going back and forth without any progress, I decided we would only feed him once a week. It was risky I know. As you can imagine the first week his energy level dropped and he wasn’t his normal energetic self. The good news however was every Sunday I took him out to eat at a nice restaurant and let someone else feed him. He was able to fill up, but then it was back to no food during the week.”

Let me stop here. Obviously, THE ABOVE DID NOT TAKE PLACE. However, it is happening spiritually every week in homes around the world.

the crime happening in your church

The Problem

Parents are outsourcing the complete spiritual training of their children…

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