Adrian Blaga – The Story of a double murder of a Pastor and his 9 year old son in Romania

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The slain bodies of Adrian Blaga, 39 years old, and 9 year old Timotei Blaga were found in the back of Timotei Blaga’s van, on a secluded road in the small town of Aciua, on August 6, 2013. Despite many unanswered questions and no clear motive for the double murders, the authorities in the Satu Mare Tribunal have classified the double murder as a murder suicide, calling Adrian Blaga the perpetrator. Adrian is survived by his wife, and the mother of Timotei, Lidia Blaga. Our heartfelt condolences and prayers go out to this woman who has had to endure the worst heartache imaginable and continues to be victimized by the authorities with this botched investigation.

This article can be read in the Romanian Language here. Most of the reporting, unless otherwise noted for certain points we are making, comes from this report – Vocea Transilvaniei.

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