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Fara scandal, despre biserici

B a r z i l a i - e n - D a n

Bun pentru fiecare pastor care vrea sa orienteze bisericasa pe o directie, oricare ar fi ea. Bun mai ales pentru cei care vor o balansare a activitatilor.

Bun pentru cei ce vor sa inteleaga formula unica de la Saddleback.

de aici

Church Forms:
Describing, selecting, optimizing along two axes
In this post we look at two qualities that broadly describe the methodology of a church. These two have been broadly discussed in blogs, social media, and books.

On the vertical axis we place the professional/amateur question. We might also think of this as the centralized or decentralized question. Let us not think of these in a positive or negative sense. The amateurization of a skill set simply means to broadly spread it through a population: to make it possible for anyone to do whatever it is (photography, or flying drones, or

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