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” We must value and preserve accountability”

In 2007 Mars Hill changed its bylaws to limit power to a very small group, effectively giving Driscoll unfettered free reign over the church. When two pastors objected to this structure, they were fired and subjected to a church trial where members were encouraged to shun one of them. For many, this move marked “the beginning of the end” of Mars Hill Church as Driscoll faced little accountability in his decision-making.

While churches associated with denominations often have structures in place to hold pastors accountable, non-denominational evangelical churches sometimes do not. Preserving some form of accountability is absolutely crucial to maintaining a healthy, non-abusive church, so I would urge all churchgoers to become familiar with how your church leadership is structured and to watch out for authoritarian leaders who seek to consolidate power to their office. If your pastor has little to no accountability, and if your questions about accountability are met with hostility, leave.   Groups that organize national pastor conferences should consider not inviting as speakers pastors who refuse accountability.  Christian media, too, must do a better job of reporting on the organization structure and finances of evangelical mega-churches. Christian reporters are not obligated to paint rosy pictures of churches; they’re obligated to paint accurate ones.  (See also: “Why Mark Driscoll Needs A Bishop” by Erik Parker.) …” Read more>>

Source : Rachel Held Evans

Note : I have to mention that I do not agree  with  in all opinions  of this author.

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Gabi Zăgrean – Pericolul răsturnării valorilor

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Pericolul răsturnării valorilor

Gabi Zagrean povesteste –

Gabi Zagrean BujacAm avut o mustrare puternica din partea Duhului Sfant cu ceva saptamani in urma, cand dupa ce am terminat o predica, Duhul lui Dumnezeu a dus in fata mea si in mintea mea, cateva persoane.

Si mi-a zis, printre altele, cam asa: „O, tu iti bei cafeaua cu persoanele astea?”
„Da, Doamne.”
„Dar tu stii cat de rar vin ei la biserica?”
„Da, Doamne.”
„Dar tu stii de ce vin…”
„Da,” si i-am spus lui Dumnezeu scuzele care au alimentat propriul meu compromis.
„Si tu taci? Ei au rasturnat valorile.” Ei sunt intr-o liniste care ii duce si ii curma relatia lor cu Dumnezeu si merg in iad.
„Da, Doamne, dar ei sunt prietenii mei.”
Si m-am dus, prima data cand m-am intalnit cu ei am zis: „Vreau sa vorbesc cu tine.”
„Dar, ce? S-a intamplat ceva?” A vazut ceva…

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