Most Pastors Are Unaware That They Do Not Own Their Sermons!

„Many pastors have their sermons recorded on Sundays.  They are normally saved in church archives and later used to create sermon series that the pastor sells when he travels.  However, they are not aware that it is very likely that the pastor does not own these sermons, nor does he have a right to sell them for personal profit.  Why?  Aren’t those his sermons?  Did he not preach them?  Aren’t they his intellectual property?  Those are good questions.  Under current tax regulation, Treasury Regulation 53, if the sermon was recorded at a church service, using church funds, then it belongs to the church.  Any sales of sermons made by the pastor are classified as an excess benefit transaction and will result in penalties of 200% of any sermon sales.  Moreover, board members may also be liable for penalties of up to $10,000.00 each…” Read more

Source: Start Church

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