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This is a message for our generation – Jim Caviezel’s testimony

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Holy Spirit is the best Influence over your life – John Zavlaris

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Nu poți lucra la unitatea Bisericii dezbinându-ți familia

B a r z i l a i - e n - D a n

In the past few months, I’ve had two conversations where persons serving on a church staff were struggling with their spouses’ lack of support. One was a pastor whose wife was worn out with a constant stream of criticisms directed at her husband and her family. She was pushing her husband to leave the church and find secular employment.

The other situation involved a children’s minister whose husband was angry because she was gone so many nights. He felt the church was taking advantage of her and pushing her to work too many hours to the neglect of her family.

Both of these ministers were truly struggling. They did not know what steps to take. They were uncertain how to respond to their spouses.

Unfortunately, these situations are not unique. They are…

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