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Păstori și evangheliști – Internetul vă așteaptă

Iată o statistică la zi a progresului comunicări prin Internet. Până și președinții și dictatorii lumii s-au trezit și sunt e social-media. Uni păstori stau însă înc departe … Păcat, mare păcat.

Interesant, apostolul Pavel a avut încredere în abilitatea Duhului Sfânt de a folosi mesaje scrise, unii dintre noi, nu.

Mary Meeker’s 2015 Internet Trends (Slides)


Asa Mathat for Re/code

Liz Gannes By Liz Gannes

Two decades after 1995, the year of the Netscape IPO, the Internet population has exploded in size, it’s much more mobile, and it’s increasingly driven by user-created content and flexible content delivery that’s controlled by users. But growth is slowing in all but a few key areas.

While some of these points seem obvious, Mary Meeker’s charts, graphs and data helps quantify the landscape.

The tech industry makes a yearly tradition of turning to the fast-talking and data-synthesizing Meeker, a former Wall…

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Iosif Ton – O ultima clarificare

„Zilele trecute am primit un comentariu la articolul Iosif Țon – Despre colaborarea cu Securitatea, cu un link, care făcea trimitere la o scrisoare a fratelui Aurel Popescu, adresată fratelui Iosif Țon pe data de 11 Octombrie 1988. Am gasit de cuviință să iau legătura cu fratele Țon, pentru a avea explicația dânsului privitoare la acest material.


La începutul acestei luni, fratele Iosif Țon și-a lansat portalul , o colecție de resurse media care cuprinde; înregistrări video cu interviuri, seminarii și predici; înregistrări audio vechi și noi, dar și documente în format text si pdf cu articole, prelegeri și cărți scrise și semnate Iosif Țon. Diavolul nu este fericit să asiste la astfel de inițiative, fapt pentru care el dorește să nimicească frumoasa lucrare la care s-a angajat acest neobosit slujitor al lui Dumnezeu…” Citeste mai mult aici>>
Sursa :


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America pe care o iubesc

Teen Suddenly Takes Podium To Pray Not Knowing Why, Then He Finds Out

Teen Suddenly Takes Podium To Pray Not Knowing Why, Then He Finds Out

Thursday evening in Alabama, Clay-Chalkville High School’s graduation was suddenly interrupted by a student who spontaneously took the podium to pray. Christian Crawford didn’t know who or what specifically he was praying for, he said he just felt led to it. Acting on that prompting turned out to be significant for one suffering person in attendance that evening.

A commencement speech was unexpectedly sidelined when a medical emergency began to unfold in

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Blestemul Babelului – Statele și Noua Ordine Mondială | B a r z i l a i – e n – D a n

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9 Stupid Things I Did as a Pastor–139265/

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Laity and the Problem of Professionalism in our Churches

(This blog first appeared as an article in the Mennonite Brethren Herald, Sept. 12, 2003, and is here slightly revised.)

Let me begin boldly. I believe that there has been a colossal disenfranchisement of the laity in our churches.   Parallel to this phenomenon is the professionalization of the pastoral ministry.  I want to illustrate these phenomena and show why they are problematic.  

Hierarchy of Gifts

First, there is little place for the involvement of the laity in the “important” tasks in our churches.  Oh yes, lay people are needed to do the “smaller” tasks – help along with the children’s ministry, teach Sunday school, play in a worship band.  But, the overriding assumption is that each of these areas needs to be headed by a full-time professional pastor who acts as an administrator over the volunteer laity who do the hands-on work – under supervision, of course.  Thus we have worship pastors, children’s ministry pastors, evangelism pastors, administrative pastors, and always a lead pastor who generally does most of the preaching…

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Compromisul, alegerea care-ți pătează conștiința – Nicolae Geantă | Ciresarii – Predici download Vladimir Pustan

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Efectele Daunatoare Ale Profesionalismului in Biserica Locala

Am gasit mai multe articole care dezbat acest subiect. Astazi vi-l recomand pe acesta:

Addressing the Damaging Effects of Professionalism in the Local Church

“We pastors are being killed by the professionalizing of the pastoral ministry.  The mentality of the professional is not the mentality of the prophet.  It is not the mentality of the slave of Christ.  Professionalism has nothing to do with the essence and heart of the Christian ministry.  The more professional we long to be, the more more spiritual death we will leave in our wake.”

These are the first words of John Piper in his book, Brothers, We Are Not Professionals: A Plea to Pastors for Radical Ministry.  God has used these words in profound ways, not just in changing my thinking but really the course of my life.  It was in a staff meeting one morning that I read this chapter and spoke of the dangers of a professionalized ministry, and the consequence of that meeting was a sovereign shift that directed me to seminary and now to the local church where I serve …

1.  Professionalism tends to foster consumerism.

2.  Professionalism creates a culture of comfort and settled tradition.

Read the full article here>>

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How the Church Can Reach Nominals and Seculars

Whether you’re reaching out to Muslims, bikers, students, business people, previously unreached people—it doesn’t matter—there’s a unique way to go about it, ending in the same gospel. The mission is always the same, but the method is usually different.

There’s a certain strategy needed when you engage people who are a part of the church culture, and another when you’re looking to reach people who want nothing to do with church culture.

In each case, you need to speak the gospel in a way that connects and challenges those listening to respond to Christ. I am convinced that every church needs to have a strategy to reach both those who are close to the things of God and those who are far off.

I think most of our evangelism methods, particularly many of the seeker-movement methods from the 80s and 90s really appealed to people’s religious memory…” Read more>>


Christianity Today

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De ce a facut Isus semne si minuni?

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