Leonard Semenea :” Will we do the task? We will be faithful and doing what Jesus Christ is called us to do?”

” … It is impossible to understand The Great Commission without to understand the context of the  Great Commission.  Many times we take this text and we never realize what actually meant for the apostles and what phase of their faith and what phase of their life they were. The Great Commission of our text …ask them to actually take what they had  learn in the past three in the half years, take their experiences, take their theology , take everything that they had see Jesus Christ do in a very small and remote part of the world. That meant nothing to anybody and exported , exported first in Jerusalem . Their after in Judea , in Samaria and to the ends of the earth. They were faithful in exporting the Gospel…That generation, dear  friends did his job. It’s our turn now…Will we  do the task? We will be faithful and doing what Jesus Christ is called us to do?”

Citat luat din predica de duminica seara de la Conventia de la Detroit. Toata predica aici : https://www.credo.tv/index.php/live

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Din categoria Conventii/Conferinte, Great Commission, Predicarea Evangheliei

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