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The Case of Bodnariu Family – A Norwegian Perspective


the-bodnariu-familyThe Bodnariu family

I was asked lately, a number of times, why I am not commening on the case of Bodnariu family, a Romanian married to a Norwegian, whose children were taken recently by Barnevernet, the Child Welfare Service in Norway.

First, I want to express very clearly my compassion for this family. Whatever the case of this very painful situation, I hope no family would ever go through this. I also hope that, with wisdom and good will on both siodes, the situation will be solved, and children will be returned soon to their natural family.

Secondly, I did not comment on this until now because I do not know the facts. All I know is what the affected family is saying and what others comment about it. However, we do not have yet any official point of view and, really, we do not have the facts. I…

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