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The Budget Of The Dying Church Are Moved Inwardly

„I never met a member of a dying church who thought his or her church was greedy… And I’m not even sure if greed is the best description of these churches. Perhaps it is better to say that their funds are inwardly focused.
For example, in many of the deceased churches, the personnel portion of the budget steadily increased over the years…”
In dying churches the last expenditures to be reduced are those that keep the members most comfortable.”
” That’s what happens to church that die. They spend for their way of doing church. Their comfort. Their possessions. Follow the money. You will learn much about a church. By the way, not all the deceased churches died broke…You don’t have to be broke to be dying. It’s not a matter of how much you have.It’s what you do with your money, or what attitude is about the money.”
„In all the churches we autopsied,a financial pattern developed over time. The pattern was one were funds were used more to keep the machinery of the church moving, and to keep the members happy, than funding the Great Commission and the Great Commandment…”
„The church cared more for its own needs than the community and the world.”
Source : Autopsy of a Deceased Church, 12 Ways to keep yours alive, Thom S.Rainer, p.32,33, 35,36

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