„The Church Obsessed Over The Facilities”

„One church split and eventually died when the old pulpit was replaced with a new one. The church actually had a business meeting and a major battle to vote on the new pulpit. Members who had not been in church for years showed up for the vote. Indeed the s0-called inactive members often became active for a contested business meeting in the dying churches…”

„The new pulpit group defeated the old pulpit group in close vote. The old pulpit group took the pulpit and started a new church…”

„Jesus words apply to all of us. We are to be good stewards of personal finances and possessions…But if we focus on things , no matter how meaningful they are, so that we become distracted from the eternal, we have lost our focus. And a church that has lost her eternal focus is one step closer to dying and death.”

Autopsy of a Deceased Church

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