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Why I Agreed to Serve on Donald Trump’s Evangelical Council


„GOP presidential candidate Donald Trump announced on Tuesday the creation of an executive council of evangelical leaders to advise him on topics of concern to the faith community and all those who understand the foundation essential for freedom. After much prayer, I accepted an invitation to be part of that group. Understandably some people I love and respect have questioned why I made this decision. Please permit me to address their concerns.

First, I want to underscore that I am not endorsing Mr. Trump or any political candidate. I have made it very clear for my entire 55-year ministry: I do not endorse candidates. I endorse and share with everyone the principles of faith and freedom. Any candidate, including many who ran this year, heard me begin my conversation with them with the words, “I do not endorse candidates or political parties. I share biblical truth and principles essential to the freedom our founders and the Constitution provided to the American people.” They knew my counsel always came without an endorsement. I will gladly counsel Hillary Clinton or any other national candidate willing to hear me…” Read more>>
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Vladimir Pustan – Botez De Rusalii Cu 44 De Candidati

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12 Things a Pastor Should Never Ask a Church Member

„I’m thinking of one-on-one conversations in which a pastor might ask this of the church member. … Not a good idea. Do not try this. …

1. How did you vote on that issue?

2. Are you a Democrat or Republican?

3. Will you support my political candidate?

4. Why did you not support me in that project I was pushing?

5. Have you ever committed adultery (or any number of other things)?

6. Would you give me money? Would you lend me money?

7. How much money do you make? How much do you give?…”
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Patru săgeți indreptate spre lucrătorii Domnului ~ Dorel Mureșan

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preacher man pastor stressed discouraged

Patru sageti sunt indreptate spre lucratorii Domnului din partea celu rau:

  • 1.Lacomua de bani
  • 2.Mindria , Faima
  • 3.Curvia Si cind prin disciplina spirituala si apropiere de Domnul biruiesc cele trei si nu sunt ingenuncheati atunci prin mecanisme inimaginabile si pirghii omenesti va aduce cea de a 4 ( Bomba Atomica)
  • 4 Asasinarea de Caracter ( care va schimba imediat felul in care te vor vedea altii……si va diminua eficienta slujirii) Singura forta care invinge cea de a 4 sageata este Mina Domnului intinsa prin Dreptatea lui Dumnezeu. Deoarece Domnul este cel care apara si razbuna. Laudat sa fie Numele Domnului! Aleluia! Domnul Se arata, face dreptate si prinde pe cel rau in lucrul mainilor lui. (Ps.9:16) Domnul face dreptate si judecata tuturor celor asupriti. (Ps.103:6) El face dreptate celor asupriti; da paine celor flamanzi: Domnul izbaveste pe prinsii de razboi; (Ps.146:7) Laudat sa fie Numele Domnului! Aleluia!

Pastor Dorel Muresan

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5 Church Types That Must Change Or Die

Change or die.

Imagine hearing those words from your physician. I hope you would be motivated to change. Eat well. Exercise. Stop smoking.

You get the picture.

Okay, I have some tough news for you who are members or leaders of about 100,000 churches in America.

Change or die.

You read that correctly. In fact, if your churches don’t make substantive changes in the next few years, your church will die.

So what churches are at risk? Instead of naming the specific churches, I have listed them in five categories. The categories are not necessarily mutually exclusive.

1. Shallow roots.

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„Modern Evangelism” by A.W.Tozer

A.W.Tozer (1897-1963)

“To try to get souls saved at the expense of God is to cheat God of His glory and not get souls saved anyhow.” A. W. Tozer

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What Did Early Pentecostals Teach about the Theology of Work?

Flower Pentecostal Heritage Center

TWJune11_Kerr_1400 D.W.Kerr (back row, center) with a group of Assemblies of God executive presbyters, 1919.

This Week in AG History — June 11, 1921

By Darrin Rodgers
Originally published on PE-News, 9 June 2016

What did early Pentecostals teach about the theology of work? Some observers have claimed that early Pentecostals were so focused on the spiritual life that they neglected careful reflection about other aspects of daily life. However, early issues of the Pentecostal Evangel tell a different story. In a 1921 article, D. W. Kerr, an executive presbyter of the Assemblies of God, wrote an insightful article titled, „A Pentecostal Businessman.”

Kerr explained at length why Pentecostals should be well-equipped to serve in all areas of life, including in business. Kerr wrote that „the Lord will pour His Spirit in such fullness” in order to equip believers „for life and for service in all the varied spheres and the diversified forms…

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