What Did Early Pentecostals Teach about the Theology of Work?

Flower Pentecostal Heritage Center

TWJune11_Kerr_1400 D.W.Kerr (back row, center) with a group of Assemblies of God executive presbyters, 1919.

This Week in AG History — June 11, 1921

By Darrin Rodgers
Originally published on PE-News, 9 June 2016

What did early Pentecostals teach about the theology of work? Some observers have claimed that early Pentecostals were so focused on the spiritual life that they neglected careful reflection about other aspects of daily life. However, early issues of the Pentecostal Evangel tell a different story. In a 1921 article, D. W. Kerr, an executive presbyter of the Assemblies of God, wrote an insightful article titled, „A Pentecostal Businessman.”

Kerr explained at length why Pentecostals should be well-equipped to serve in all areas of life, including in business. Kerr wrote that „the Lord will pour His Spirit in such fullness” in order to equip believers „for life and for service in all the varied spheres and the diversified forms…

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