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„No One Ever Got to the Top Alone”

” Few leaders are successful unless a lot of people want them to be. Sadly, as soon as some leaders arrived at the top, they spend their time trying to push others off the top. They play King up the hill because of their insecurities or competitiveness. That may work for a time, but it usually won’t last long. When your goal is knock others down, you spend too much of your time and energy watching out for people who would do the same to you. Instead, why not give others a hand up and ask them to join you?…”
John C. Maxwell –  „Leadership Gold”, p4
Leadership Gold

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Anne Graham Lotz: 3 Sins America Refuses to Repent For

„God is abandoning America, Anne Graham Lotz says, because we abandoned Him and refuse to repent for three specific sins: abortion, abandoning Israel and gay marriage. 

„I don’t think we are too far gone, but I believe we are reaching the point of no return,” Lotz said in a video. 

The evangelist says our country easily fulfills Romans 1, which details how God gave man over to sin. 

„God just backs away and gives us over in His first path in this downward spiral to sexual immorality. That is the sexual revolution, that is free sex, which actually is very expensive,” Lotz says…”
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Source : Charisma News

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