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B a r z i l a i - e n - D a n

Global governanceThe issues that separate the two candidates in the 2016 presidential election – now just three weeks away – are more than typical Democrat-Republican differences or even liberal-conservative differences.

From immigration and trade to abortion and national security, Hillary Clinton and Donald Trump seem light years apart, almost like they’re from different political planets.

That’s because, according to an expert on globalism, they approach every issue from an opposite perspective – one, Clinton, is globalist, while the other, Trump, is anti-globalist.

Clinton, in the latest Wikileaks data dump, had one of her speeches to Wall Street execs exposed in which she said: “My dream is a hemispheric common market, with open trade and open borders.”

Trump on the other hand has blamed globalist policies for much…

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Cum i-a spălat Soros pe creier pe tinerii de 16-30 de ani


George Soros i-a făcut să creadă orbește în bolşevismul internaționalist. Progresismul nu e decât un internaționalism bolșevic 2.0


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