Why Going To Church Every Week Matters

„… There are 10 things we lose out on when we choose to skip church:

1. We lose the opportunity for corporate worship.

2. We lose the opportunity to serve others, whether it’s in children’s ministry, ushering, leading worship, etc.

3. We lose track of the way God is working in our local church family, and the part we can play in it.

4. We lose the opportunity to bring non-Christians to church.

5. We lose the opportunity to welcome new people that other people brought for the first time.

6. We lose the opportunity to learn more about the Bible.

7. We lose the opportunity to model for our children that church attendance is important.

8. We lose the opportunity to strengthen our connections with fellow Christians.

9. We lose the opportunity to encourage the pastoral staff of the church we are a part of.

10. Finally, as Hebrews 10:25 says, we lose the opportunity to obey God…” Read more >>

Source : Hello Christian


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