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Franklin Graham a fost blocat de Facebook

Iată mesajul lui postat pe facebook la câteva zile după aceea.

Vă rog distribuiți mai departe. Dacă vom sta nepăsători ni se va lua dreptul la liberă exprimare.

„Well, now we know. Facebook has a secret rulebook for policing speech. I was banned from posting on Facebook last week for 24 hours. Why? Because of a post from back in 2016 about North Carolina’s House Bill 2 (the bathroom bill). Facebook said the post went against their “community standards on hate speech.” Facebook is trying to define truth. There was a character in a movie a few years back who said, “The truth is what I say it is!” That’s what Facebook is trying to do. They’re making the rules and changing the rules. Truth is truth. God made the rules and His Word is truth. Actually, Facebook is censoring free speech. The free exchange of ideas is part of our country’s DNA.
Since Facebook took down the 2016 post last week, I’ll copy it here so you can read it for yourself. Do you see any hate speech here?

April 9, 2016– “Bruce Springsteen, a long-time gay rights activist, has cancelled his North Carolina concert. He says the NC law #HB2 to prevent men from being able to use women’s restrooms and locker rooms is going „backwards instead of forwards.” Well, to be honest, we need to go back! Back to God. Back to respecting and honoring His commands. Back to common sense. Mr. Springsteen, a nation embracing sin and bowing at the feet of godless secularism and political correctness is not progress. I’m thankful North Carolina has a governor, Pat McCrory, and a lieutenant governor, Dan Forest, and legislators who put the safety of our women and children first! HB2 protects the safety and privacy of women and children and preserves the human rights of millions of faith-based citizens of this state.”
A news link to a Washington Post article was also shared with the post.”

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Boicotati Norvegia! Cred ca este drept inaintea lui Dumnezeu sa actionam (10 lucruri ce trebuie sa facem!)

BABoicotati Norvegia! Cred ca este drept inaintea lui Dumnezeu sa actionam (10 lucruri ce trebuie sa facem!)

Toti cei 5 copilasi ai familiei Bodnariu Marius si Ruth din Norvegia, au fost rapiti cu forta de Protectia Copilului din Norvegia in colaborare cu politia norvegiana.

Inclusiv bebelusul de 3 luni, a fost smuls si rapit de la pieptul mamei lui !!

Fara niciun act, fara nicio acuzare sau informare serioasa. Prima acuza a fost ca sunt crestini radicali si isi indoctrineaza copiii in credinta crestina. Oare de la vreo familie de musulmani au rapit vreun copilas pe motiv de indoctrinare religioasa?…

Tatal, Marius Bodnariu (cetatean roman), este informatician, iar mama, Ruth (cetatean norvegian), este asistenta medicala.

Cred ca este drept inaintea lui Dumnezeu sa actionam.

1. Nu mai cumparati produse norvegiene !
De exemplu peste din supermarketuri, etc.

2. Spuneti-le vanzatorilor, chiar si celor care aranjeaza marfa pe rafturi ca refuzati…

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