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Is an Online Church Really a Church?

„…Every church should have an online presence.

Your church people and your community are there, so you should be as well. But that is different than referring to something that happens via your website as a „church.”

Can an online gathering of Christians be classified as a church? Let’s think through this by asking five questions.

Can an online gathering of Christians be classified as a church?

Should Churches be Online?

If a church is not online, then it is not actually engaging the culture. A church needs to be where the people gather and they are online and on social media sites.

Pew Research found that 72 percent of online adults use social media. Every age group continues to experience growth, particularly those over 65 who have tripled their usage in the last four years—from 13 percent in 2009 to 43 percent this year…”

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Watching What They Watch – 9 Tips for Media-Literate Families

blog_tv1 Recomand acest articol scris de  Andrea Palpant Dilley. Este foarte important ca parinti , sa ne implicam in viata copiilor nostri . Dumnezeu ni i-a dat ca o binecuvantare insotita de o responsabilitate pentru care vom fi trasi la raspundere. Avem doar cativa ani la dispozitie ca sa investim in copiii nostri. Nu pierdeti vremea, ci rascumparati-o. Spor la lucru!

„In the trailer for Judd Apatow’s This is 40, we see the family sitting around a picnic table when the mother turns to her daughter and says, „We’ve decided to cut back on all the electronics we use.” The daughter protests.

Dad: You need to get outside more.

Mom: Build a fort.

Daughter: Do what in the fort?

Mom: You need to develop your imagination.

Like many of us, they’re grasping to control one of the most unwieldy aspects of contemporary parenting: American media.

It’s both a tool and a tyrant. When my three-year-old sings along to The Sound of Music, I take pleasure knowing she’s enjoying a classic film, but when she throws a fit when it’s time to turn off a Kipper the Dog cartoon, I’m overwhelmed by her near-addictive behavior…”

9 Tips for Media-Literate Families
When selecting programming….

1. Disregard labels: Phrases like „educational video” or „kid video” shouldn’t be a green light, necessarily. Pediatricians will tell you that children learn best through tactile experience and interpersonal contact. No matter how many PBS logos you see, videos are a passive medium, not an active one, and an entertainment medium, not an educational one. Videos are a supplement to learning, not a substitute.
Tips for Media-Literate Families…” Read the full article>>

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Bad Religion: How We Became a Nation of Heretics

The biggest threat facing America is not a faltering economy or a spate of books by famed atheists. Rather, the country meets new challenges due to the decline of traditional Christianity, New York Times columnist Ross Douthat suggests in Bad Religion: How We Became a Nation of Heretics (Free Press). Douthat has taken his own personal tour of American Christianity: he was baptized Episcopalian, attended evangelical and Pentecostal churches as a child, and converted to Catholicism at age 17. He argues that prosperity preachers, self-esteem gurus, and politics operating as religion contribute to the contemporary decline of America. CT spoke with Douthat about America’s decline from a vigorous faith, modern heretics, and why we need a revival of traditional Christianity.

What do you mean when you say we’re facing the threat of heresy?

I try to use an ecumenical definition, starting with what I see as the theological common ground shared by my own Catholic Church and many Protestant denominations. Then I look at forms of American religion that are influenced by Christianity, but depart in some significant way from this consensus. It’s a C. S. Lewisian, Mere Christianity definition of orthodoxy or heresy. I’m trying to look at the ways the American religion today departs from theological and moral premises that traditional Protestants and Catholics have in common… Read more here

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