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If Christians don’t personally engage in politics, it’s all over for America

Analysis by pro-life and pro-family organizations, as well as the U.S. Catholic Bishops, have warned that the Equality Act would:

  • Require faith-based hospitals, doctors and nurses to participate in and/or to perform or assist with abortions or lose their medical licenses;
  • Require tax funding of all abortions without restrictions;
  • Mandate that any entity that provides health care for pregnancy and childbirth be required to provide abortion as a „related medical condition”;
  • Force women to share private, intimate spaces with men who „identify” as female including in bathrooms, lockers, schools, hospitals, prisons, gyms, military barracks and homeless shelters;
  • Disallow Catholic and private school single sex sports teams from competing against public school sports teams, which will no longer be permitted to have „discriminatory” single sex teams;
  • Decertify Catholic and Christian schools from satisfying state compulsory attendance laws if they refuse to adopt LGBTQ policies, treating religious schools as „hate groups” comparable to the Ku Klux Klan;…” Read more:

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Evangelicalism and the Sickness of Western Culture Part 1 — Where Healing Begins

„…The focus here is on evangelicalism for three reasons: we are often the most outspoken regarding the ills of culture; we seek to base our worldview on the Bible, and have passion for the application of biblical values in society; we have enough influence remaining to have tilted the voting balance in a presidential election.

But what if we are actually contributing to the problem?

Christopher Dawson wrote that Christianity is the soul of Western civilization. In a human, the „soul” is the psuche, or „psyche,” according to the Greek New Testament. It is the organ of self-awareness and identity, thought, emotion, and volition.

In a living person, if the mind gets confused, emotional instability takes over, and erratic, destructive choices become the pattern. Such symptoms suggest the individual is having a nervous breakdown, or going insane.

Western culture is having a breakdown because the Western „soul” is losing its equilibrium. Consider just three symptoms of many currently evident among churches, Christian organizations and movements in one big chunk of the West, the United States…”

Read the full article HERE>>

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Moldova: Police arrest Christians for disrupting LGBTQ march in Chisinau

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Christians Tapping Into New-Age Lies as Great Falling-Away Continues

Is Sister Christian sitting next to you in Sunday service a closet New Ager? Is your pastor tapping into new spirituality? Are you believing a new thought lie?

I was simply shocked to read the results of a new Barna study that shows only 17 percent of Christians who consider their faith important and attend church regularly actually have a biblical worldview. But I was decidedly dismayed by the subsequent revelations in the report…” Read more>>

In a nutshell, Barna found many Christians strongly agree with worldviews that compete with biblical teachings. In other words, many believers are believing flat out lies. Consider these startling stats about practicing Christians:

38 percent are sympathetic to some Muslim teachings

61 percent agree with ideas rooted in new spirituality

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50,000 Christian Millennials are Making a Huge Statement in Atlanta

Despite recent surveys claiming the U.S. is becoming less religious, especially among young people, Christian Millennials are coming out in droves to the Passion 2017 conference in Atlanta, Georgia.

When millennials gather to protest at events such as Occupy Wall Street or Black Lives Matter, the media hammers it home and turns it into a national lead story.

When tens of thousands of young Christians gather to make a statement, it doesn’t seem to garner near as much attention…”

Read more HERE

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Rare Footage of Chinese Christians | Secret Underground Church

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Are Christians More Like Jesus or More Like the Pharisees?

barnaApril 30, 2013 – One of the common critiques leveled at present-day Christianity is that it’s a religion full of hypocritical people. A new Barna Group study examines the degree to which this perception may be accurate. The study explores how well Christians seem to emulate the actions and attitudes of Jesus in their interactions with others.

The research project was directed by David Kinnaman, president of Barna Group, in conjunction with John Burke, author of Mud and the Masterpiece, a book exploring the attitudes and actions of Jesus in all of his encounters.

Assessing Christlikeness
In this nationwide study of self-identified Christians… Read the full article

Source : Barna Group

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„Topografia” religiilor in USA

Pentru a accesa sondajul  publicat de USA Today, faceți „clik”
pe imaginea de mai sus.

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