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The Ever Loving Truth Conference with Voddie Baucham at Bethesda Romanian Pentecostal Church





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Adevarul Suprem Intr-o Lume Postmoderna – Voddie Baucham

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Ever Loving Truth Conference: Bethesda Romanian Church – 14th &15th june, 2013

Ever Loving Truth Conference from GFBCSPRING on Vimeo.

Equipping Believers to Stand for the Truth

The Ever Loving Truth Conference is an engaging apologetics conference based on the Telly Award-winning Ever Loving Truth Bible Study curriculum.  The conference is a tremendous companion to the study.  Some churches have come together to host an ELT Conference as a kick-off to the eight-week study.  Others have used it as a culmination.  In both instances, attendees benefit greatly as many of them view apologetics as accessible and relevant for the first time.

To book an Ever Loving Truth Conference, Click Here.

The Culture War

There is a battle for truth raging all around us.  Unfortunately, most Christians are either oblivious to the fight, or ignorant of the consequences.  In this session we pull back the vail and take a close look at the real-life consequences of ideas.

We also learn what the Bible has to say about our role, approach and attitude in apologetics.

What is a Worldview

Everyone has a worldview.  The problem is most people never examine theirs.  As a result, many Christians have unbiblical ideas dominating much of their everyday life.

In this session, we will examine the key elements of a worldview, the two main competing worldviews of our day, and the key areas where they have the greatest impact on our lives.

Why I Choose to Believe the Bible

This is the most powerful, memorable, and most popular session of all VBM conferences.  This session answers the most important question any Christian will ever be asked, „Why do you choose to believe the Bible.”

If we cannot answer this question, we will end up with our backs against the wall as we try to explain to people why we are right and they are wrong without any means of evaluating our competingsources of authority.

In this session we do away with the simplistic „I tried it and it worked for me” approach to apologetics and instead demonstrate why it makes complete sense to believe the Bible and is utter foolishness not to.

The Resurrection: Fact or Fiction

The resurrection of Jesus Christ has been referred to as the „capstone in the arch of Christianity” (Hank Haneggraff).  However, most Christians are unaware of the arguments for the historicity of the resurrection.

In this session we will discover that the resurrection of Jesus Christ, far from being an obscure event that must be „accepted by blind faith” by those who believe, is actually the most well attested FACT in all ancient history!

We also examine and refute common objections and teach attendees how to interact with individuals who doubt or  dispute the resurrection.  Like every ELT session, this one is based on verse-by-verse exposition for an easy-to-remember answer to contemporary questions.

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Conferinta de Evanghelizare cu Voddie Bauchman la Biserica Betezda


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The Danger of Worldly Ambition and Power by Dr. Voddie Baucham



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