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The United Nations wants a one-world government in less than twelve years

November 5, 2018 (American Thinker) – In the 1960s, an informed but naïve undergraduate, I was walking across the campus of the University of Pennsylvania with the Chairman of the Chemistry Department, Prof. Charles C. Price. He told me that he was president of the United World Federalists, and asked if I knew what that organization was. When I said that I did not, he replied that they believed in a one-world government that would grow out of the United Nations. I was nonplussed as I had never heard anyone suggest that idea before. To me, the United Nations was a benevolent organization dedicated to pressuring the world community in the direction of peace, and to operating charitable programs to help the struggling, impoverished peoples of the world. I imagined the UN as a kind of United Way on a worldwide scale...”

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David Wilkerson – Prophecies from 1973 unfolding Today – Economic Confusion

„David Wilkerson is a respected pastor and best-selling author of The Cross and the Switchblade, a book about his ministry, Teen Challenge, to troubled New York street kids that was later made into a movie starring Pat Boone.
In 1973 David Wilkerson wrote a prophetic book, The VisionThe first chapter of the book reads like today’s headlines…

Chapter 1 of The Vision –Economic Confusion 
A Crash is Coming-1 

There is worldwide economic confusion just ahead. In my vision, this is the clearest thing I have seen. Many praying people now share this very same vision. 

Not only is the American dollar headed for deep trouble, but so are all other world currencies. I see total economic confusion striking Europe first and then affecting Japan, the United States, Canada, and all other nations shortly thereafter. 

It is not really a depression I see coming—but a recession of such magnitude that it will affect the lifestyle of nearly every wage earner in America and around the world. Countries that now control huge amounts of Western currency are going to be in very deep trouble also. Arab countries will especially be hurt. 

Without a doubt, there are lean years ahead full of monetary confusion and despair. How soon is not clear, but it is not far away. The world’s greatest economists will be at a loss to explain the confusion, and an international crisis of fear will develop. A false economic boom will precede the recession—but it will be shortlived…” Read more here>>

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Judgement Will Start in the House of God

„We want to build a church rather than break a heart. This leaves people confused and deceived because we teach and live a form of Christianity void of repentance … void of truth. (Steve Sutherland/Flickr/Creative Commons)
It’s no surprise that the church, and our nation, desperately need to hear „the voice of one crying in the wilderness” to awaken, convict and restore. It was not so long ago that we were concerned about „the fall of America.” America cannot fall because she has already fallen. We are now picking up the pieces of a broken nation. America’s moral heartbeat ceases when we cut off the source of life. We need resuscitation, renewal and revival….”Read more>>
Source : CharismaNews

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End-Times MARK of the BEAST | New INFO Discovered! 2013

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Un set de semne profetice de avertizare impotriva Americii …

A set of powerful prophetic warning signs against America took place on September 11th 2001.

Part 2:

Part 3:

Part 4:

Part 5:


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