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Shocking Evangelism Statistics!

10-shocking-weight-loss-facts„Ninety-five percent of all Christians have never won a soul to Christ.
Eighty percent of all Christians do not consistently witness for Christ.
Less than two percent are involved in the ministry of evangelism.
Seventy-one percent do not give toward the financing of the great Commission.

One particular denomination did a survey on its leadership ministries. The results are as follows:

  • 63% of the leadership in this denomination, including deacons and elders, have not led one stranger to Jesus in the last two years through the method of “Go Ye” evangelism.
  • 49% of the leadership ministries spend zero time in an average week ministering outside of the church.
  • 89% of the leadership ministries have zero time reserved on their list of weekly priorities for going out to evangelize.
  • 99% of the leadership ministries believe that every Christian, including leadership, has been commanded to preach the gospel to a lost world.
  • 97% believe that if the leadership had a greater conviction and involvement in evangelism, that it would be an example for the church to follow.
  • 96% of the leadership believe their churches would have grown faster if they would have been more involved in evangelism.

Because of this, our results in evangelism have been mediocre, at best.

“Street Level Evangelism, Where is the Space for the Local Evangelist,” by Michael Parrott, Acts Evangelism, Spokane, WA, 1993, pp. 9-11.”

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Today’s Evangelists Face a Crisis of Confidence

Fact, he makes a point of emphasizing that he is not religious.

I explained my vocation as a Christian evangelist and apologist and asked this journalist for his advice. He took a few steps back and looked at me. “You have a tough job. You try to convince people who don’t believe to believe,” he said. “Here’s what I would say to you: Don’t try to convince people who do not believe to believe. People who do not believe are not going to believe, and you just have to be fine with that!”

These words seemed to sound the death knell to my entire project, and I couldn’t hide my discouragement as I left the studio that day. My friend’s attitude toward belief describes how many people, both believers and unbelievers, view Christian evangelism…”

„… With the rise of secularism, sure, the church faces new challenges. But I’m convinced that what we need is not innovative methods or answers. We need fresh confidence in the gospel…”

Preaching to an Individualistic Culture

Raising the Right Questions

Read the full article HERE>>

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He says, “The reason why this is the case, because the church growth movement and the way we do evangelism catered to the very thing we need to work against—consumerism. Consumerism, folks, is an alternative religion. It’s not just buying goods and services. People go buy in shopping malls things other than feeding my body and basic needs. They’re looking for purpose, meaning, significance, belonging, community. That’s what it’s called—brand community…In other words the very thing that religion offers to us or ought to is being sought in consumption…” Read more here>>

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How the Church Can Reach Nominals and Seculars

Whether you’re reaching out to Muslims, bikers, students, business people, previously unreached people—it doesn’t matter—there’s a unique way to go about it, ending in the same gospel. The mission is always the same, but the method is usually different.

There’s a certain strategy needed when you engage people who are a part of the church culture, and another when you’re looking to reach people who want nothing to do with church culture.

In each case, you need to speak the gospel in a way that connects and challenges those listening to respond to Christ. I am convinced that every church needs to have a strategy to reach both those who are close to the things of God and those who are far off.

I think most of our evangelism methods, particularly many of the seeker-movement methods from the 80s and 90s really appealed to people’s religious memory…” Read more>>


Christianity Today

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Why Don’t Christians Witness?

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„Dincolo de aceste ziduri” – Cea de-a zecea Conferinta Anuala de Misiune organizata de Biserica Betezda


Bethesda Romanian Pentecostal Church organizeaza cea de-a zece-a  Conferinta Anuala de Misiune
Invitat Special : Alysious Kiiza din Kabale,Uganda
Tema : “Beyond these Walls” sau ” Dincolo de aceste ziduri „
Date : Thursday, nov 7th from 7:00PM to 9:00PM
           Friday, nov 8th from 7:00PM to 9:00PM
           Sunday, from 9:30AM to 12:00PM and from 5:30PM to 8:00PM  
Sign Up as a volunteer here :

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GO! – Paul Washer

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Bethesda Church Troy, MI organizes the Evangelism & Apologestics Conference on June 14, 15 2013

Theme: „Always be ready to give a defense to everyone who asks you a reason for the hope that is in you, with meekness and fear…” 1 Peter 3:15
Please join us starting Friday at 6:30 in the evening and following Saturday at 9:30 in the morning. Bethesda Church Troy, MI 2075 East Long Lake

#romanian Biserica Bethesda Troy, MI organizeaza Conferinta de Evanghelizare si Apologetica in perioada 14 si 15 Iunie 2013 „Fiti totdeauna gata sa raspundeti oricui va cere socoteala de nadejdea care este in voi; dar cu blandete si teama…” 1 Petru 3:15

Special Guest Voddie Baucham Voddie makes the Bible clear and demonstrates the relevance of God’s word to everyday life.  However, he does so without compromising the centrality of Christ and the gospel.  Those who hear him preach find themselves both challenged and encouraged.
Invitation from Voddie: Ever Loving Truth Conference (Click here)
Invite all your friends and register now!

JUNE 2013
14 & 15
Copyright © 2013 Bethesda Church All rights reserved. 2075 E. Long Lake Troy MI 48085 UnsubscribeUpdate subscription preferences

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Doru Neamtu a fost achitat si poate sa predice Evanghelia liber!

Dragi Prieteni,”Mare putere are rugaciunea fierbinte a celui neprihanit!” (Iacov 5:16).

Dumnezeu a raspuns copiiilor sai, si s-a aratat Atotputernic astazi in tribunalul din Tempe. Fratele nostru Doru Neamtu a fost achitat de orice crima! Judecatoarea a decis ca nu exista nici o evidenta ca Doru a incalcat vreo lege atunci cand l-a predicat pe Isus, si a respins si anulat „cazul” impotriva lui Doru. Dosarul „criminal” a lui Doru va fii corectat, si nici o urma nu va ramane de arestul lui nedrept.
Ce mare har! Ce mare Dumnezeu! Raspunsul vostru fenomenal la apelul de rugaciune m-a coplesit si umilit. Am intrat in tribunal astazi constient de faptul ca mii si mii de razboinici in rugaciune sunt in spatele nostru. Dumnezeu ne-a dat liniste, pace, intelepciune si curaj, iar la momentul potrivit ne-a daruit victoria finala.
„Daca Dumnezeu este pentru noi, cine va fi impotriva noastra? Cine va ridica pira impotriva alesilor lui Dumnezeu?” (Rom. 8:31,33).
Doru este bineinteles fericit sa fie achitat, si abia asteapta sa vina Vineri seara, cand se va afla pe acelasi colt de strada predicand dragostea lui Dumnezeu cu si mai multa ravna.
Puteti viziona aici un scurt „interview” cu Doru, pe care l-am inregistrat chiar in fata inchisorii din Tempe, unde Doru nu de mult a fost prizonier pentru Evanghelie:
Va multumesc pentru rugaciunile si incurajarile voastre! Dragostea si Credinciosia voastra, cat si sprijinul sacrificial pe care multi dintre voi il acordati misiunii CLAR – Liberty Counsel, fac aceste victorii posibile pentru copiii lui Dumnezeu.
Fie ca si in victoria aceasta, ca si in toate celelalte, Numele lui Isus sa fie laudat, glorificat si inaltat mai presus de orice nume.
Al Vostru Pentru Libertate,
Horatio G. Mihet President Centru de Libertate American Roman (CLAR) Senior Litigation Counsel Liberty Counsel P.O. Box. 540774 Orlando, FL 32854 1-800-671-1776 *

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Filmul arestarii fratelui nostru Doru Neamtu

Inca nu imi vine sa cred ca aceasta se intampla in America. Doamne ai mila si pregateste-ne pentru zile ca acestea! Doru a fost eliberat pe cautiune si acum este judecat in stare de libertate. Doamne da-i izbanda!

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