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The Pastor as a Shepherd

„Psalm 23 describes the Ultimate Sheperd performing several functions. The Sheperd…

  • Provides (v.1)
  • Gives (v.2)
  • Confidently leads (v.3)
  • Renews and restors (v.3)
  • Guides and directs (v3)
  • Protects (v.4)
  • Corrects and comforts (v.4)
  • Feeds and anoints (v.5)
  • loves (v.6)
  • furnishes permanent shelter (v.6)

The Maxwell Leadership Bible – Notes and Articles by John C. Maxwell, 2002 by Maxwell  Motivation, Inc., 662 p.

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John C. Maxwell : The „Ten Commandments of Handling Difficult people”

„1. Use the 101% Principle. Find the 1  percent you agree on and give it 100 percent of your attention.

2. Love people more than policies, but love truth more than people.

3. Give others the benefit of the doubt.

4. Learn to be flexible where you can.

5. Check your own attitude.

6. Don’t overreact to conflict and disagreement.

7. Welcome the conflict. Make it a learning experience.

8. Provide an escape for the person in conflict. Let them maintain their dignity.

9. Take a risk. Give people a  second chance.

10. Take the high road. Be generous and believe the best about others.”

The Maxwell Leadership  Bible –  John C Maxwell, Thomas Nelson Bibles, 1429 p

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