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Josh McDowell – Trei schimbări culturale care ameninţă biserica

Cunoscutul evanghelist şi apologet creştin, Josh McDowell, care a participat la o Conferinţă de Apologetică Creştină Evanghelică, a semnalat faptul că lumea creştină trebuie să fie atentă la „trei schimbări culturale care sunt o provocare şi o ameninţare pentru biserică”.

Conform lui McDowell, prima schimbare este de ordin epistemologic, schimbare ce este relaţionată cu adevărurile biblice care sunt tot mai contestate ca fiind „Cuvântul lui Dumnezeu”. „Asistăm la o mare schimbare privitor la ceea ce credem că este adevăr şi de unde vine acesta? Am trecut de la ceva ce era centrat în Dumnezeu la ceva ce este centrat în noi înşine. De la obiectiv la subiectiv, din interior pentru exterior”, a explicat.

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The Historicity of the Resurrection of Jesus Christ

„Josh McDowell was a skeptic before he examined the gospels for himself. A student asked Josh, “Professor McDowell, why can’t you intellectually refute Christianity?” Josh McDowell responded, “For a very simple reason. I am not able to explain away an event in history—the resurrection of Jesus Christ.” After studying the subject for a long time, Josh McDowell was forced to the conclusion that either the resurrection of Jesus Christ is the greatest hoax ever given to man or it is the most fantastic fact of history.1
Is it possible to verify the historicity of the resurrection of Jesus? What is the correct historical method to approach the accounts of the resurrection of Jesus in the gospels? What criteria should be used to determine the historicity of the resurrection of Jesus? What historical evidence do the gospels present for the resurrection of Jesus? This article is the first in a two-part series that will attempt to answer these questions and summarize the main arguments for the historicity of the resurrection of Jesus Christ…” Read the full article here

Source: Bible Archaeology

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Recomandarea lui Josh McDowell despre Abdu Murray- invitatul special la Conferinta de Evanghelizare „Bridges”




Josh McDowell Ministries

„I highly recommend Abdu Murray and his ministry, Aletheia International.  As a former Muslim who came to faith in Christ after studying the evidence for Christianity, Islam, and other major worldviews, Abdu is uniquely qualified to equip Christians to do the same. He knows both the intellectual and personal barriers that keep others from knowing Christ and offers a powerful way to reach the mind and the heart.   Abdu has trained our staff and volunteers on how to address tough questions about the gospel and how to show respect for others.  His wealth of knowledge, his sharp mind, and his winsome attitude will benefit anyone who wants not only to defend their faith, but also reach out to others.  I’m proud to work alongside Abdu and you will be too.”

Source : Embrace The Truth
Conferinta de Evanghelizare „Bridges”

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