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Good News Gang – Power Point Prezentation


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Watching What They Watch – 9 Tips for Media-Literate Families

blog_tv1 Recomand acest articol scris de  Andrea Palpant Dilley. Este foarte important ca parinti , sa ne implicam in viata copiilor nostri . Dumnezeu ni i-a dat ca o binecuvantare insotita de o responsabilitate pentru care vom fi trasi la raspundere. Avem doar cativa ani la dispozitie ca sa investim in copiii nostri. Nu pierdeti vremea, ci rascumparati-o. Spor la lucru!

„In the trailer for Judd Apatow’s This is 40, we see the family sitting around a picnic table when the mother turns to her daughter and says, „We’ve decided to cut back on all the electronics we use.” The daughter protests.

Dad: You need to get outside more.

Mom: Build a fort.

Daughter: Do what in the fort?

Mom: You need to develop your imagination.

Like many of us, they’re grasping to control one of the most unwieldy aspects of contemporary parenting: American media.

It’s both a tool and a tyrant. When my three-year-old sings along to The Sound of Music, I take pleasure knowing she’s enjoying a classic film, but when she throws a fit when it’s time to turn off a Kipper the Dog cartoon, I’m overwhelmed by her near-addictive behavior…”

9 Tips for Media-Literate Families
When selecting programming….

1. Disregard labels: Phrases like „educational video” or „kid video” shouldn’t be a green light, necessarily. Pediatricians will tell you that children learn best through tactile experience and interpersonal contact. No matter how many PBS logos you see, videos are a passive medium, not an active one, and an entertainment medium, not an educational one. Videos are a supplement to learning, not a substitute.
Tips for Media-Literate Families…” Read the full article>>

Source : Christianity Today

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