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Michael Wurmbrand : „The reason I placed all in writing…”

mihaiThe reason I placed all in writing was because I found out in numerous discussions I did have with VOM leaders, that what was orally communicated was repeatedly twisted and misrepresented. Therefore I wrote a letter to the entire board of directors of Voice of the Martyrs asking a reply in writing. I asked for an independent investigation of suspected pedophilia after their past chairman committed suicide within hours of a police-filed report by the parents of a 10-years old.

When I appeared in the board of directors, meeting some for the first time, I was listened-to in stone silence, not one of them volunteered one question, answer or comment. 4 days later I received a dismissal of employment letter, made out of canned paragraphs, with not one “reason,” “sorry” “thank you, ” or showing any interest in continuing ongoing missionary projects I managed, since I dared ask for an independent investigation of the pedophilia suspicions re. Tom White who had committed suicide. I was dismissed from a building named Richard Wurmbrand, my father, Center, having inside a museum on my parents displaying the Bible of my mother obtained from me ALSO with plain false promises. Unexpectedly 11 mature men, directors of the Voice of the Martyrs, “lost their voice” when it came to answering my letter. So much for talking face to face. Therefore I encourage you, if you have any contact with VOM demand it be in writing only rather than talking on the phone.

The reason the miracles described in the Gospels are different from nowadays children’s’ fiction of magic is that the word “truth” is mentioned as a standard of very being in the Gospel of John at least 26 times, the writer of the Gospel was ready to suffer and die for such truth. So were my parents Richard and Sabina Wurmbrand ready to sacrifice for truth when they underwent many years of communist prisons. So was I when I was kicked on the streets like an orphan, when both parents were in a communist prison and was arrested and thrown out of many schools and places of employment for my Christian witness. As many who inquired have been misled to believe, this is nothing personal. There is no open discussion between myself and VOM.

Christian truth may not be twisted into a “spin zone.” Sadly the parents of a 10-years old did dare file an accusation of pedophilia against Tom White to the very police department the chief of which is on the board of directors of VOM. Unlike the apostles when Judas betrayed the Lord who all went through self examination and contrition, not one of the VOM directors missed a beat, had a moment of self contrition, and even more not one would allow a proper independent investigation on what happened in the many expensive jaunts around the world of Tom White, but were quick to dismiss me when I asked for this investigation.

Next please be aware that anyone instrumental in raising money for VOM unwittingly participated in what I consider from a Christian point of view as far as my family name was used to raise money, a hoax. At least I was taken for a ride. Money raised destined for the mouth of widows and orphans was taken WITHOUT THE EXPRESS KNOWLEDGE AND ASSENT OF THE DONORS in difficult economic times in the United States, to just plain encourage construction in Bartlesville, OK. This funds diversion into construction allowed VOM go from what I was told by Tom himself, a $90,000 office to at least a $28,000,000 opulent buildings with hardly any other rhyme, or reason. Exactly how Tom lied to one and all re. his private life, so all donors were misrepresented as to where their donations really go. Considering VOM constant harping on the needs of persecuted Christians in poor countries, even $2,000,000 spent on construction would have been too much!

We deal with hardened deviants from Christian ethics who may be legally but UNETHICALLY!!! diverted more than $28,000,000 (documented and who knows how much more myself not being able to document further) to encourage the construction industry in Bartlesville, OK, while withholding again as documented funds to help the very victims for whom these donations were destined. There was a senator during Nixon times and he told Nixon some words to the effect that voters might not be sophisticated to understand fine points of politics but it is simple for them to understand numbers. The best email I got from various donors, following my letter was the shortest. Here I quote it:

“That 28 million dollar building is the deal-breaker. VOM is dead to me.”

The cheating of and taking advantage of donors well-intended expectations re. the use of their donations could not be better illustrated. On top of that since one lie engenders a lot more lies and one unclean spirit turns out into a legion, they participated in other evident nefarious activities like loaning tens of thousands of dollars to a convicted crook they made vice-president, allowing a fundraiser a personal cut of money raised, indulging Tom, their Chairman in dishonest behavior, misusing my family name, misusing pictures of persecuted believers, refusing to allow an independent investigation of supected pedophilia in their midst after they chairman committed suicide within 2-3 hours of a local police-filled accusation of sexual molestation of a 10-years old, etc. They terminated rather my employment from a building bearing the name of Richard Wurmbrand, my father, within 4-days after requesting such an independent investigation in writing.

They tried find may be any skeletons in my closet. Unfortunately a real skeleton fell out of the VOM closet ready to haunt VOM for the rest of their existence, unless they decide to repent. Yes, these are grave accusations and I did not make them lightly since as a Christian and mature in this respect, I tried for more than one year reason with the board of VOM. What I thought was a dialogue was a monologue. These are people of some experience and standing. One is still the chief of the Bartlesville police. Another a former mayor, one a lawyer brother-in-law of the president, some others professors at Oral Roberts University, an Australian printer by profession over 80 receiving a pension from VOM of ICA, another a retired banker. How would you feel if you appear in front of one of the top leaders in VOM, and ALL direct questions are answered with “mm”,”mm”,”mm?” In the end I thought the President of VOM is afraid his office is bugged. The only spontaneous, out-of-the-blue sentence I got from him was: “Never trust anyone!” and this in itself was for me very telling. My attempt is to stop one and all inspired by my parents’ lives being manipulated by these clever tricks at VOM. Don’t waste your energy to convince them. These people worked for years to divert donors money raised in the name of needy widows and orphans, into supporting the construction industry in Oklahoma. This is not rocket science to understand.

Judge for yourself. Tom White claimed in a book spread worldwide to have been sentenced to 20 years imprisonment in Cuba. Then he was freed only by the grace of God after 1 1/2 years through the intervention of former President Carter. Then Tom White who committed suicide only 2-3 hours after a police filed accusation of the suspected pedophilia on a 10-year old girl, headed for 20 years the anticommunist organization called Voice of the Martyrs in numerous articles boasting of their underground work in Cuba and blasting the communist regime there. Then I found out for instance that Tom, whom I intensely helped while in a Cuban communist prison and afterwards, was dissimulating and lying to me to the point that he went back to Cuba as a tourist. Tom was either a communist plant or mentally seriously disturbed. His suicide which happened only 4 months later proved he was at least seriously mentally disturbed. But then those around him, either were in cahoots with him or also mentally unprepared to discriminate and control such insane behavior. Even Tom wanted to endanger himself going back to Cuba, persons around him in the leadership of VOM should have had some intelligence as to how they endanger naive underground Cuban Christians and their families meeting him. Tom White went as a tourist to Cuba, accompanied by Corey Odden, the head of VOM, Canada supposedly to meet Cuban underground Christians.

How can one underestimate the astuteness of the Cuban secret police which was smart enough to hold the country in the grips of communist dictatorship for scores of years. These persons in the leadership of VOM have such a darkness in their mind not to understand what happened here. There is more of a knot of intrigue in what happened than you and I could ever unravel and I have the darkest suspicions but because of libel laws I asked for a full lustration and investigation. VOM dismissing me only 4 days after I asked for that from the entire board in writing, confirmed a lot of my darkest suspicions and what others confessed to me, etc. I wish the organization would redeem itself but it is no more possible.

As above happened (Tom’s suicide) who do you think moves suddenly back to the US and becomes Chief VOM, US monthly magazine editor: Corey Odden’s spouse publishing in 2013 pictures of formerly persecuted Christians, claiming imaginary help to such. Since I also am from Romania and in touch with these Christians I know for a fact that for 2013 this claim of help on the part of VOM was a totally fake claim.

Yes, as a whistleblower I do not get anymore any salary from VOM. This is very bad news for myself but even worse news for the 80- or 90-years old Christians in Romania who passed through 5-10 years at least of communist prisons and who do not get even the equivalent of the two tanks of gas per month (about $100 I obtained for them from VOM.) They printed a whole page with my parents’ picture and writing in their December 2013 newsletter. It is outright hypocritical. 3 weeks after I was dismissed it downed on some the “shrewder” minds inside VOM what blunder they made placing the son of Richard Wurmbrand in an adversarial position and they proposed me to be paid about $32,000/year and act like some kind of a contractor so they would be justified to continue using my parents and even my persona for fundraising without me being able to raise an issue.

This was evidently a shrewd trap! This is not how honest Christians act. Not accepting an independent investigation re. pedophilia in their midst shows this organization being morally dirty. I urged them not to behave like some Catholic church bishops trying to cover-up pedophilia, keeping silent, moving priests around, preventing independent investigation. They also proposed to me even better, Had I been after their money: how about offering me nearly a quarter of a million dollars so long it included also a promise not to ever “badmouth” VOM? At my age of 75 it sounded very tempting but God protected me from falling for it.

In 2013 VOM published pictures of persecuted Christians, it claimed to help, another hoax as these families received nothing same year once I was dismissed. We had a story in Romania to illustrate such stinginess and hypocrisy about the Turkish story-character Nasruddin Hodgea relaxing on the veranda on his house roof. A beggar came knocking on his gate. He shouted to the beggar, “unless you climb up here, I cannot hear what you want. “After the elderly beggar climbed up on some primitive ladder, Nasruddin asked, “Now that I can hear you, what do you want?” The beggar asked if he could get a little bit of food and after having made him climb up the ladder to the roof, Nasruddin answered curtly, “no!” Any further discussion with VOM is pointless. It was tried by myself and other concerned Christians now for more than a year. While making plenty of use of my parents’ even my own long history of suffering, if some one had profited of your name and of your family and showed you the door when questioning unchristian behavior how would that make you feel?

As the Parable of the Good Samaritan details it, none of the four characters depicted in it could escape becoming aware of the one being robbed and left close to dying. The priest and Levite could pass away on the other side, even the Samaritan came, helped and left a day later. All these come and go, the innkeeper has nowhere to go. The most aware remains the innkeeper with a comatose man on his hands for time indefinite. His compassion needs be limitless. We are thrust in positions like that in life where washing our hands of responsibility or passing around the buck is impossible. How can I escape the long history of pain and responsibilities in my own family!

The way you may help is spread my initial letter to as many possible contributors to VOM or friends you know. If you need it in some quantity, please let me know. It may be found on the internet at: The use by VOM of my parents’ name, even mine, I consider it a big misrepresentation. For reasons explained above as the only son of Richard and Sabina Wurmbrand, if their lives inspired your faith and inspired your giving, I can only beg, please stop donating to Voice of the Martyrs.

If you want to help projects started by my parents in Romania like the orphanage in Pascani or some of these formerly persecuted old Christians, you may send a tax deductible donation to Help for Refugees, PO Box 5161, Torrance, Ca. 90510 (Internet address: I founded the organization in the late 70s, and there is no slick, expensive newsletter other than maybe once or twice a year I report simply to my friends-donors what has been accomplished. My father repeatedly used to say that today’s poorest Christian should be grateful to God for being financially better than any of the first Apostles. Apostle James wrote: “Pure and undefiled religion before God and the Father is this: to visit orphans and widows in their trouble…” Thanks again for being willing to help.

God Bless, Michael

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Michael Wurmbrand : „Against my express request NOT TO DO SO, the mission Voice of the Martyrs of Bartlesville (VOM), Oklahoma, USA and its international affiliates, continue to use Richard Wurmbrand, Sabina Wurmbrand…”

Michael Wurmbrand, PO Box 5161, Torrance, Ca. 90510, USA, Email:
Dear sisters and brethren in Christ:
This sad letter you are reading comes from Michael Wurmbrand, the son of the late Rev. Richard Wurmbrand, who spent fourteen years in the communist prisons of Romania, author of the book Tortured For Christ, a book of valiant Christian testimony under communist persecution that has been translated in over 85 languages. My parents died in 2000-2001 and I am now 74 years old.

Against my express request NOT TO DO SO, the mission Voice of the Martyrs of Bartlesville (VOM), Oklahoma, USA and its international affiliates, continue to use Richard Wurmbrand, Sabina Wurmbrand, my parents’ persona, pictures, writings and books, my persona also to obtain your donations!

Tom White, the past Voice of the Martyrs Chairman for more than 20-years, committed suicide in April, 2012, only two to three hours after an accusation of child sexual molestation (pedophilia) of a 10-years old girl was formally filed by her parents with the local police, and while the Bartlesville, OK. police were searching to arrest him. This terrible event made world news. At the time of his committing suicide, Tom White had a $140,000+, plus perks, yearly salary and very substantial travel and expense accounts used in his extensive and frequent international travel year after year. Since the suspected perpetrator was dead, the police closed any further investigation of the sexual molestation. The police chief and the former mayor of the town of Bartlesville, OK. were personally serving on the Board of Directors of Voice of the Martyrs. A few other directors are related to each other or get salaries from the organization.

I asked in writing of the Voice of the Martyrs Board of Directors for an independent investigation, to be undertaken from outside of VOM. The investigation in the famous legal action in England of Jimmy Saville, the BBC children program head while alive, started with only 2 cases BUT there were more than 600 pedophilia complaints after Saville died. In the last 4 years, the state of Arizona, for instance, failed to investigate 6,000 cases of children molestation. Being the son of Richard Wurmbrand, a person of my background and position could have more inside information, than I can discuss publicly. I asked therefore for an independent investigation!

The main question in the letter I wrote to the entire Voice of the Martyrs Board of Directors was worded as follows: “In a Christian spirit of love and faith, if you want to continue using the names, persona and copyrights of my parents, I ask first that you do not try to accomplish this in an adversarial way through lawyers, etc. but rather in an amiable way by fulfilling only one request for the board to decide and approve:

Please allow and pay for an independent “blue ribbon” commission … to investigate within the next two months, back at least two years, all Tom White’s travel points, contacts and especially financial expenditures to establish and put to rest any suspicions re. child molestation. …. Sorry, whether you like it or not, this unpleasant event that happened to VOM with its Chairman during twenty years cannot be dispensed with as just “a family affair” or an unfortunate sudden decision. If you do not intend to accept the above request, the other decision I ask you to take is not to use the name Wurmbrand any more….”

Only 4 days after I addressed this letter to the board of directors I received a curt letter of termination of employment. No “sorry” and no “thank you” for my founding the organization or the many years of service! My letter now for more than a year, has not been answered!

I should be entitled to make such a request since:
• Voice of the Martyrs published for years a specially dedicated children’s magazine. This was done by sharing mailing lists with organizations focusing on families and children;
• My person, my life, and our family Wurmbrand story was used in this magazine;
• Without my knowledge, without my permission, a very laudatory biography of mine was written, printed and distributed to tens of thousands of American children;
• In order to obtain donations from the parents, the organization tried to gain credibility and goodwill with tens of thousands of Christian children in home-schooling families.
Donors should be aware that:
• Voice of the Martyrs (VOM) spent $28 million dollars – not on the mission field but to build its own headquarter thus in economic times difficult for us all, encouraging construction in Bartlesville, Oklahoma, USA, a town of only about 32,000. To my knowledge, the previous headquarters of VOM in the same town cost in the neighborhood of about $90,000! To read more type in your internet browser: The present chairman of VOM is a former mayor of Bartlesville, and was part of the city leadership.
• This was done in secret, until the buildings were erected. Neither I nor the donors were told of such grandiose projects. It is hard to believe this could be done but correspondence I display on the web see link below, should convince you. I worked with VOM from Los Angeles, California, USA and never was part of the VOM board of directors. The donors only saw money spent for projects and they trusted that the word „projects” referred to missionary work, like helping widows of Christians killed in Nigeria!
• A repeated offender 3rd degree felon, who as of 2013 is STILL UNDER A-10-YEARS CONVICTION SENTENCE AS AN EMBEZZLER was named the Voice of the Martyrs Vice President. Tens of thousands of dollars out of your contributions for supposed missionary work were extended as a loan to him to pay back some of what he stole and escape parole supervision. To read more on this convicted felon, type in your internet browser:
• All of the above occurred while, at the same time… Without any reasons proffered, they sent a termination of employment letter to me, Richard Wurmbrand’s son, who founded the mission, four days only after I asked for an independent investigation of the expenses and travels of the suicidal and suspected pedophile past chairman of VOM, USA.
• Voice of the Martyrs had agreed reluctantly in 2001 to help about 100 believers who were imprisoned 5-10 years for their faith in communist prisons in Romania, currently destitute in their 80s and 90s, with less than $1 (yes, one dollar) a month. As outrageous as it sounds, considering tens of millions of dollars solicited from you, it is documented. It was raised in the following year to the value of about 2 tanks of gas/month worth of help only because I wrote feet of email messages and renounced a total of over $100,000 of my salary over four years (I accepted being paid only $500/month!) just so these Christian martyrs would be helped. To read more on the “VOM claims of pretended lack of money” type in your internet browser:
• A fundraiser for VOM was promised to be paid a percentage or cut of the funds he raised! We are far indeed from charitable actions through which one sacrifices for the interests of others.

After I brought all of these facts to light, I was asked also to keep quiet, not to rock the boat. Before being laid off I was offered substantial contractual financial incentives not to “badmouth” VOM. Some of the organizations endorsing Voice of the Martyrs have interrelated employees and interests. When I approached them, they were shy and sore afraid for their own interests to insist my letter be answered. Some pathetic answers like: “Do not cast the first stone,” “king Solomon made mistakes ,” “we might also sin” or “promise to keep correspondence private only” displayed the hypocrisy to protect the flow of donations rather than any interest in protecting possible children victims! Some answers were outright sarcastic, as if my requesting a proper investigation regarding suspected pedophilia among “Christian missionaries” would be some joke.

In the past Voice of the Martyrs had written a dedication about myself sent to tens of thousands stating: „To the Rev. Michael Wurmbrand, who has lived his life in a fishbowl among both friends and enemies, and has done so with dignity to the glory of God. We are grateful for the numerous personal interviews in which he shared his memories with patience and enthusiasm.” As soon as I asked for this independent investigation, the VOM attitude of respect towards myself I enjoyed for years turned into one of incredible vindictiveness. Christians who were in the know could not believe how it was possible. The false answers given to those who inquired were that this is a personal (?!?) conflict with Michael Wurmbrand we try to solve with prayer and mediation! In reality, VOM employees were expressly forbidden to have contact with me, so as not to lose some income and employment positions from this possibly second largest employer in Bartlesville, OK. Same employees had before vied to be photographed with me and get my autograph.

The worst vindictive act towards myself though, was the refusal on the part of VOM of my simple request to dump or allow myself even pay to withdraw immediately from the VOM circulation advertising, about 2,000 copies of Tortured For Christ, my father’s book, published by VOM with a preface by, and having right in the middle, a portrait of Tom White, the past chairman who had committed suicide after the police-filed accusation of suspected pedophilia. I was answered IN WRITING (by the convicted felon-embezzler who had meantime become Vice President of VOM, see above) that my request is morally wrong. I was written: “Tom White was VOM”, and according to VOM, I have no right to ask that my father’s name not be associated with this past chairman – even if he committed suicide under a strong suspicion of pedophilia. VOM even claimed to know apparently better than the parents of the victim, if there was or not substance to the police complaint. To spite me, the book showing Tom’s picture continued to be widely advertised and even offered for free for 6 more months following Tom’s suicide. VOM knew that during the first month my family arrived to the United States in the end of 1966, I had personally typed on a clunky typewriter four manuscript versions of this book. How could my request be refused?

How could I have foreseen that in a case of blatant suspected sexual-child-molestation some Christian VOM leaders I approached, imitated the priest and Levite in the Parable of the Good Samaritan, trying their best re. suspected pedophilia, to “pass by on the other side,” so as to maintain their perks! John the Baptist was not beheaded because he sermonized in general asking people to repent. Against his own personal interest, he put his life at risk to denounce the sin of Herod, the ruler of the day. What about „missionary outreach” to poor „persecuted Christians?” Voice of the Martyrs, with its opulent ($28 million) headquarter built out of your sacrificial contributions, makes a mockery of the sacrifice of persecuted Christians like my parents. Imagine a surgeon insisting to operate, having no time to clean his hands after searching in garbage. What patient has any use for such a surgeon? The betrayer of Lord Jesus, Judas, in his apparently most “unselfish” enunciation of a project to help the poor, was but a thief. (Indeed the Gospel of John 12:6 writes: „This he said, not that he cared for the poor, BUT BECAUSE HE WAS A THIEF!”)

VOM published even how within months of our arrival in the United States, from 1967 on, I worked together with my parents Richard and Sabina Wurmbrand, to start what is now Voice of the Martyrs. Recently released documents from the archives of the Romanian secret police prove the communists had issued an order to kill our entire family. See: We started what is now Voice of the Martyrs under a communist sentence of death. When I was only a child, the communists forcefully took away my parents to communist prisons. I suffered plenty. My parents died with a good name. I do not want allow VOM use my parents good name, to raise money under false pretenses. I wrote the VOM directors: “If you enjoy, for motivations of your own, to wallow in the mire of suspected pedophilia go ahead …. If you do not want to accept an independent investigation and complete transparency of your dealings, I begged you do not use my father’ long years of suffering in communist prisons and the intense suffering of his whole family to raise money from naive donors ….” I was written by VOM, when asking help for formerly persecuted Christians under communism, now in their 90s, “we are technically out of money!…there will be NO check requests approved for anything other than absolutely essential…” only to find out later that $9.5 million were available not for mission work, but for construction work in Oklahoma (see above link.)

Christian parents please protect your children! Consider how grave it is to allow your children to trust and be reached by a missionary organization having had a case of suspected pedophilia and a suicide because of it in its midst, and then terminating me, its founder so as not to have to respond to a request for an independent investigation of possible sexual child molestation. After all the laudatory words published of me, they also tried to badmouth me. If you are a minister, I can only beg you to share this letter with your congregation. If you had respect for Richard Wurmbrand, my father, please send this letter to all your email and affiliate lists, Christmas lists, spread it among your friends.

I tried to document the facts recited above but think on your own: How can “Christian missionaries” in a good Christian conscience even indulge to build themselves an opulent $28,000,000 headquarter from your donations, while withholding help to persecuted Christians in far away lands badly in need of your donations? Love of money is the root of all evil. A way to stop evil, is to stop financing it. If you were inspired by the Wurmbrand family story of suffering to donate to Voice of the Martyrs or its international affiliates in the ICA, as the only son of Richard and Sabina Wurmbrand, I humbly ask you not to. My parents’ Christian life-vision has been misused by Voice of the Martyrs.

Tortured for Christ circulated throughout the world with more than 10,000,000 copies. Inside the $28 million Voice of the Martyrs headquarter prominently named as the Richard Wurmbrand Center, there is a Wurmbrand museum. My own mother’s Bible to be displayed there was obtained from me under false pretenses. I have both moral and legal rights to the persona of my parents, even regarding the unauthorized use of my own name, pictures, etc. It would take a very long time and a lot of money to try to stop such use through courts. VOM would employ the millions of dollars of donations to fight me in court while my income is very limited. If you still want to help projects started by my parents, Richard and Sabina Wurmbrand, now hanging in the air, please help me reclaim my parents and my family name. Like the first Christians please ask: “Brethren, what shall we do?” (Book of Acts 2:37) You may write me to address above.
God Bless, Michael Wurmbrand

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