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Is Our Church Becoming Too Much Like A Business?

„Someone recently told me that our church was becoming too much like a business because of our emphasis on planning, goal-setting, and appropriate policies and procedures. This well-meaning person believed that our church of 1,600 (plus) members should operate like we did when we were a 500 member congregation. (By-the-way, the church had policies and procedures back then too!)

But his complaint got my attention. I do not want to treat Christ’s Church as a mere business to be managed by worldly standards and methods…”

1.   The church is a spiritual environment and should not have a business atmosphere.

 2.   Administration is an unspiritual activity and has little to do with the processes of ministry of the church.

3.   Administration takes a minister (or any leader) out of his primary role and places him in a position where he becomes a “desk jockey” or has his ministry controlled by a group of boards or committees… Read more>>

Source : Pastor Ricky Powell



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