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10 Pastors I’m Concerned About

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When Pastors Fall: Why Full and Public Repentance Matters | The Exchange | A Blog by Ed Stetzer

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John Piper : “I have five pleas to pastors”(2)

3. Be totally transparent with your fellow elders about your sources of income

These elders should not be the wealthy powerful peers from outside the church. That is an unbiblical way to lead your flock. It has no biblical foundation and it communicates distrust for your local leaders and a kind of pride that you are above their local accountability. Let all the books of your income be open to any member of your church who asks the elders. Secrecy around money is deadly. It’s a sign that something is not right so work to give your ministry the flavor, ‘we’re not like peddlers of God’s word.’

4. Live simply to show that your treasure is in heaven and not on earth

Please don’t write this off as pauper theology. There goes Piper again with his pauper theology. That is absolutely ridiculous. The kind of distortion that makes of what I’m saying is a sign of fear that what I’m saying just might be true.

Get a car that works; that gets you where you need to go. Get a car that doesn’t break down on you every few months. I’m talking about a modest entertainment budget that doesn’t eat out every night. I’m talking about a refreshing vacation, not an exorbitant one. I’m talking about clothes that are unremarkable and undistracting, both for not being shabby and not being brand driven. I’m talking about a home that accomplishes your family and ministry purposes leaning towards ordinary folks in your congregation, not the wealthiest. Read the full article here – Christian Post

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John Piper : „I have five pleas to pastors”(1)

„I want pastors to keep watch on themselves. I have five pleas to pastors. My hope is that pastors will listen this and take this 68-year-old pastor’s heart-aching that we not bring this kind of reproach on the name of Christ,” he continued. He then listed five precautions pastors should take to avoid the sinful seduction of money.

1. Kill every desire to be rich and get rich

Don’t want this. If you see the desire in your heart take aim at it with the words of Christ and the words of Paul and put it to death with a swift blow with the sword of the spirit. Jesus said how difficult it is for those who have wealth to enter the kingdom. In other words don’t want this.

2. Pastors, if you see your income starting to grow, set a governor on it

Keep away from accumulating more and more and communicating to your people that you lay up treasures on earth. One of the best ways to do this I think, is to grow the percentage of your giving. I’m not impressed with a pastor who gives 30 percent of a million dollar royalty check and keeps 70 percent of it to buy luxuries with. I’ve heard pastors boast that they give 30, 40 percent. I’m not even impressed with giving 90 percent of a $10 million royalty check and keeping a million dollars to play with. While you look like every other millionaire and think that you have done a virtuous thing. Money is insidiously deceptive. We’ve seen it over and over again and I’m pleading with pastors, be content with what the church pays you and give the rest away with joy and strategic wisdom.

Read the full article here-Christian Post

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Your Pastor: Shepherd or CEO?

„Many observers have recently expressed concern that the biblical model of the pastor as shepherd has been replaced with the model of the pastor as manager. Some biblical priorities are threatened when such a managerial model of the pastorate replaces the shepherding model. In what follows, I will place the priorities of a managerial model in contrast to what I believe to be biblical priorities. I do not intend to suggest that such priorities are inherently opposed to each other, but I do suggest that lower values have replaced higher values.

Quality vs. Quantity

The effect of a managerial model on the church is that the number of people is a higher concern than the quality of those people…” Full article here>>

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National Association of Evangelicals Proposes Code of Ethics for Pastors

” The Story: The National Association of Evangelicals is urging pastors to seek a common moral ground by uniting under a consistent code of ethics, reports the Religion News Service.


The Background: A team of ethicists, pastors, and denominational leaders worked over an 18-month span to complete the Code of Ethics for Pastors. The code includes five primary admonitions: pursue integrity, be trustworthy, seek purity, embrace accountability, and facilitate fairness.

„In some ways it’s the Wild West out there in terms of the context of preparation for ministry in the evangelical world,” says David P. Gushee, a professor of Christian ethics and director of the Center for Theology and Public Life at Mercer University. „Any effort to raise the moral bar and establish a minimal set of expectations for clergy – or any profession – is a very good thing.”…
Source : Gospel Coalition

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