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The Pastor as a Shepherd

„Psalm 23 describes the Ultimate Sheperd performing several functions. The Sheperd…

  • Provides (v.1)
  • Gives (v.2)
  • Confidently leads (v.3)
  • Renews and restors (v.3)
  • Guides and directs (v3)
  • Protects (v.4)
  • Corrects and comforts (v.4)
  • Feeds and anoints (v.5)
  • loves (v.6)
  • furnishes permanent shelter (v.6)

The Maxwell Leadership Bible – Notes and Articles by John C. Maxwell, 2002 by Maxwell  Motivation, Inc., 662 p.

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Your Pastor: Shepherd or CEO?

„Many observers have recently expressed concern that the biblical model of the pastor as shepherd has been replaced with the model of the pastor as manager. Some biblical priorities are threatened when such a managerial model of the pastorate replaces the shepherding model. In what follows, I will place the priorities of a managerial model in contrast to what I believe to be biblical priorities. I do not intend to suggest that such priorities are inherently opposed to each other, but I do suggest that lower values have replaced higher values.

Quality vs. Quantity

The effect of a managerial model on the church is that the number of people is a higher concern than the quality of those people…” Full article here>>

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