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R.T. Kendall: ‘The Church CANNOT Keep Sleeping. A Great Awakening Is Coming!

eff4d96dca950aabd066895acb778d2a„Famed preacher and author R.T. Kendall is concerned. He is worried about the state of today’s Church. „People often ask me, “What is the Church doing today in the world?” I usually reply: “Not a lot, in my humble opinion,”” he writes at Premier. There are exceptions, mostly in developing countries and remote places. I also think of the amazing work of Alpha. But generally speaking I think we are living “between the times.”

Kendall says that the Church is too „superficial,” focusing on outward appearance more than Biblical substance. Worse than this, Kendall believes that the Church is falling asleep. And he believes this is threatening to destroy the Church, without her even realizing it…” Full article here >>

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