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Fără adversar

B a r z i l a i - e n - D a n (Un Barzilai izvorât din Dan)

Traian Ungureanu

Jos scuzele şi batistele! Ca orice catastrofă moşită de neghiobie, dezastrul PNL e banal. Un Titanic scufundat, încă înainte de întîlnirea cu iceberg-ul, de comandanţi care îşi ţin de vorbă echipajul pe teme de climatologie şi structura moleculară a gheţii. Demisia Alinei Gorghiu trebuie să vină repede, ca o corectură elementară în lucrarea unui promovat cu pile, peste rînd.

În fond, PNL a participat la alegeri cu un singur punct pe agendă: cine va fi Prim-Ministru? Răspuns robotic: Dacian Cioloş. Adică omul care a promis, din toată inima, PNL-ului distanţă eternă şi indiferenţă nestrămutată. Din exact acelaşi motiv, acum trebuie pusă o singură întrebare: cine va conduce PNL? Răspuns unic: soarta, instinctul, primul venit de pe stradă adică oricine nu e Alina Gorghiu sau copiile umane cu care s-a înconjurat.

Eşecul nedemn al PNL a început odată cu înaltul ucaz care l-a pus la dispoziţia unor

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Why I Agreed to Serve on Donald Trump’s Evangelical Council


„GOP presidential candidate Donald Trump announced on Tuesday the creation of an executive council of evangelical leaders to advise him on topics of concern to the faith community and all those who understand the foundation essential for freedom. After much prayer, I accepted an invitation to be part of that group. Understandably some people I love and respect have questioned why I made this decision. Please permit me to address their concerns.

First, I want to underscore that I am not endorsing Mr. Trump or any political candidate. I have made it very clear for my entire 55-year ministry: I do not endorse candidates. I endorse and share with everyone the principles of faith and freedom. Any candidate, including many who ran this year, heard me begin my conversation with them with the words, “I do not endorse candidates or political parties. I share biblical truth and principles essential to the freedom our founders and the Constitution provided to the American people.” They knew my counsel always came without an endorsement. I will gladly counsel Hillary Clinton or any other national candidate willing to hear me…” Read more>>
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ALEGERI PREZIDENTIALE – Cum votam la 25 de ani de la “revolutie”? de Cristi Soimaru

În noiembrie – având turul decisiv în data de 16 – România va avea din nou alegeri prezidențiale. Este a șaptea oară după schimbările din decembrie ’89 când românii sunt chemați la vot pentru a-și alege președintele. Și, deși actuala campanie încă are unele din elementele care au caracterizat-o pe cea din mai ’90, este speranța și convingerea mea că unii din concetățenii noștri au învățat să abordeze campania cu mai multă înțelepciune.

În aceste rânduri voi căuta să răspund întrebării din titlu nu cu o recomandare specifică de vot, ci referindu-mă la câteva perspective și posibile criterii pe care un urmaș al Domnului Isus le poate avea în vedere atunci când își stabilește opțiunea de vot și participă la procesul politic (“viața cetății”).

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Elect Apahidean for Troy City Council

Top 3 Questions About My Candidacy for City Council

Why are you running for City Council?TCC_Ollie_Autobike
Three main reasons.
I want to preserve the positive qualities that make Troy the great city it is today. I want to empower Troy’s residents and businesses through fiscally responsible decisions. I want to partner with the soon-to-be newly formed Council in continuing to perpetuate and promote efficiency, accountability and transparency in all aspects of city business and operations.
What professional and personal qualities can you bring to the Council?
I currently work as a Civil Engineer, P.E. for the Road Commission for Oakland County. I’ve been employed with R.C.O.C for over 12 years. During these years I had the privilege to learn about and be a part of the many facets of the complex dynamics between government, private citizens and businesses. I understand the various aspects of obtaining the necessary funding for the much needed road improvement projects throughout the County. I have first hand experience working on projects involving design optimization, ensuring the delivery of the lowest cost/highest quality product possible to the general public. I have been involved on projects requiring the highest level of environmental protection and preservation as possible. I regularly respond to citizens’ requests for safety improvements in their neighborhood. I review and analyze thousands of vehicle crashes every year in an effort to identify potential problems in the road network and recommend the necessary countermeasures to make our community safer.
This is just a snapshot of my professional qualifications I can easily and constructively apply to the various challenges the City Council has in the decisions it makes for Troy community. Running for Council has caused me to, introspectively and retrospectively, assess the qualities I have been gifted with that can be an asset to the Council and the community as a whole. I can humbly yet confidently say that one of the strongest assets I can bring to the City Council is my ability to be an independent thinker with a logical and pragmatic approach to problem solving and decision making.
As human beings we have more than just professional qualities about ourselves. We also have life experiences that shape our character, our principles and how we interact with others. Many times these life experiences add a dimension to our „qualities” portfolio that a professional career can not. As a husband and father of four I realize more every day that many of the relational elements of a thriving family can be translated to city government. Three of these aspects I consider of paramount importance are trust, respect and compromise. A healthy family exists where children trust the authority of the family (the parents) to make decisions that are in the best interest of the family. A healthy city exists where the residents trust the city leadership to make decisions that are in the best interest of the city as a whole. A healthy family exists where there is mutual respect between the parents and children. A healthy city exists where there is mutual respect between city government and its residents and businesses. A healthy family exists where compromise is embraced when necessary. Successful parenting involves choosing your battles wisely. A healthy city exists where city government, residents and businesses alike understand that sometimes compromise is necessary. Compromise implies there are the negotiables and the  non-negotiables. A healthy city, just like a healthy family, understands that trust, respect and compromise are cohesive forces that work together to form the perimeter of healthy boundaries.
As a councilman I will work to continue building the trust of residents and businesses in the city leadership. This will not happen overnight. It requires consistent policies and decisions on behalf of the City that demonstrates its unwavering commitment to building trust. As a councilman I will respect the ideas, views and opinions of everyone in the community and in the city government. Respect doesn’t always mean being in perfect agreement with an individual or their opinion. But respect always means valuing an individual’s personhood and displaying a willingness to listen. As a councilman I am ready and willing to work with the other council members on various issues that will require compromise. I strongly support the idea that a council member should pursue what’s in the best interest of the community as a whole and not personal agendas or views. Compromise does not mean at all that I don’t have values and principles that govern my personal life; quite the contrary.  Compromise means that I have a strong backbone and strong foundation to know when and where I can give up on my dissenting views for the benefit of the community as a whole.
Are you running as a Republican or Democrat?
Neither. The office of City Council is non-partisan. That means candidates don’t run and aren’t elected based on party affiliation. I’m not a career politician. I’m not even a non-career politician (if there is such a thing).  I’m just a citizen of this great city who is willing to step up to the plate and serve this community with the talents, gifts and abilities I have. The City Council is not a place to display our political maneuvering techniques. The City Council is a place where seven individuals come together to make decisions that should be in the best interest of the residents, businesses and community members. I don’t think the people of Troy are very interested in Council members who want to play political arm wrestling. I am confident the people of Troy are much more interested in Council members who are willing to stand on principles, make decisions based on sound principles and move this city forward on principles. Politics can be very divisive and often hinders city leadership from conducting the city business constituents expect from it. Politics and politicians often disappoint the constituents.   But time tested principals of leadership and governance only lead to the prosperity, safety and contentment of a city’s residents. I am one who will stand steadfast alongside those who value principles above politics.

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David Jeremiah despre politica lui Barack Obama si alegeri

David Jeremiah says goto from American Family Association on Vimeo.

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Cine va castiga alegerile prezidentiale din SUA? – Sondaj

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2016: Obama’s America

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