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„România Normală” corigentă la educație


„România Normală” din ultimii 9 ani este condusă de aceeași elită politică și aceleați partide care doar au trecut prin rotație la guvernare și nu au făcut nimic ca să ridice nivelul educației. România are nevoie de o nouă mișcare de reformă spiritualîă, morală și educațională. Este nevoie de un partid nou de dreapta sau centru-dreapta care să reprezinte interesele creștinilor conservatori și a celor care prețuiesc educația.
Recent s-a publicat rezultatul global al testarii PISA pentru 2018, iar Romania are „cea mai proasta pozitionare de cand participa la aceasta testare, cu punctajele urmatoare: 428 citire, 430 matematica si 426 stiinte. Spre comparatie, Ungaria are 476 puncte la citire si cate 480 la matematica si stiinte, fiind cu 14 locuri mai sus decat noi. Polonia se uita de sus la regiune, cu 512 puncte la citire, 516 la matematica si 511 la stiinte, cu 38 de locuri peste noi. Deasupra noastra se afla si Estonia, Slovenia, Croatia, Cehia, Letonia, Lituania, Slovacia, Serbia, Grecia, Ucraina, cam toata regiunea in care ne aflam. Ce inseamna asta? Simplu, investitorii de toate felurile si din toate partile au un clasament global al calitatii resurselor umane din toate pietele importante. Practic, e un instrument facil de a decide unde sa investesti in IT sau proiectare sau cercetare sau servicii financiare si unde sa investesti in linii de asamblare sau in croitorii sau in supermarket-uri.”

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Convenția Națională- România Creștină în Europa

Lideri creştini, elite profesionale și cetățeni din toate colțurile țării (inclusiv diaspora) se reunesc pentru a afirma trei principii axiomatice de acțiune civică și socială:
1. România este o ţară occidentală datorită creştinismului şi nu în pofida creştinismului. Orientarea euroatlantică a țării noastre e crucială pentru securitatea și prosperitatea poporului român.
2. Creștinii nu se retrag în catacombe, ci, dimpotrivă! La 100 de ani de la Marea Unire, 3,5 milioane de români şi familiile s-au exprimat în favoarea valorilor creştine, aflate astăzi sub asaltul globalist și secularist. Vocea acestora trebuie să fie respectată, nu doar auzită.
3. Chemăm la unitate pe toți ambasadorii valorilor creștine din România și diaspora. America și Europa postbelică s-au fondat pe valorile civilizației Decalogului. Iată de ce reprezentanți ai tinerei generații vor proclama la Cluj nevoia de solidaritate a creștinilor în acțiunea socială care apără astăzi viața, libertatea, familia și proprietatea...”

Convenția Națională

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50 Theses the Modern Church Desperately Needs Right Now

„Martin Luther in his 95 Theses begins with the first theses: „When our Lord and Master Jesus Christ said, ‘Repent’ (Matt. 4:17), he willed the entire life of believers to be one of repentance.”  We heartily agree and are blessed by this injunction and command. (1 John 1:9) Yet does not this repentance also mean to change our way of thinking and look at the Scriptures as God wants us to look at them? Is it possible that everything Jesus commanded and said he meant for his followers to obey? The Reformation made great changes and freed many from the tyranny of Rome, yet in some cases, it brought men back under the rule of an interpretation of Scripture instead of simple obedience to the Scripture itself.

Throughout Christian history, the light has shined of those who took upon themselves to truly follow the Son of God and be His disciples, His church. These groups have been maligned and hated by at many times the majority of the professing church. These were simple believers who asked the question: ‘What if Jesus really meant every word He said?’  They resounded with a „yes” not in doctrinal statements or religious literature but in lives laid down in self-denial, obedience and at times martyrdom itself, in following the way Christ went.

Would it surprise you to learn that not only Roman Catholics but also Protestants took part in shedding the innocent blood of true disciples of Jesus? During the time of the Reformation, those who took the words of Jesus plainly were called Anabaptists; they were outlawed, hunted and killed. In 1527, one of these lights, Michael Sattler, a martyr, said, „True Christians are those who carry out Christ’s doctrine in their lives.” History would be silent if it were not for the diligent retelling of their stories through books such as The Martyr’s MirrorThe Hutterite Chronicles and similar volumes.

It is interesting to note that the Anabaptists, along with the earliest believers, took the Lord’s teachings literally. Jesus tells us in the New Covenant that we are no longer to take any oath. James then confirms the literal interpretation, saying in his epistle, „But above all things, my brothers, do not swear, either by heaven or by the earth or by any other oath … that you do not fall into condemnation” (James 5:12). The Lord also warns that whoever is angry with his brother without a cause shall be in danger of the judgment, and that even whoever says, „You fool!” shall be in danger of hell fire (see Matt. 5:22). The beloved disciple John confirms this teaching, years later writing, „Whoever hates his brother is a murderer, and you know that no murderer has eternal life abiding in him” (1 John 3:15). We see that the Lord’s teachings in passages like the Sermon on the Mount are practical instruction on how we are to manifest loving God and loving others as He loved us in this, the New Covenant (John 15:10, 12)

We therefore seek to give 50 Theses to the Modern Church…”

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Andrei Croitoru – Nevoia urgentă de reformă | Iona 3:5-8

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An Obituary for the American Church

From time to time I will have the people I’m discipling write out their own pastoral obituary. I ask them to write out how our enemy would take them out, rendering them unable to serve their family and communities. As you can imagine, the answers vary, but always serves as a really helpful exercise as they are forced to confront issues of character, etc..”

„But those original temptations of Appetite, Affirmation and Ambition are slowly insinuating themselves into everything we call CHURCH. We just often don’t recognize it or see it.

And so this is how, if our enemy gets his way, the American church could be taken out:

    • A culture of CELEBRITY (affirmation)
    • A culture of CONSUMERISM (appetite)
    • A culture of COMPETITION (ambition)…” Read more >>    Source: Verge Network 

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Mark Taylor God is Exposing Corruption Everywhere Including The Church

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Pastore, de ce ne pleacă liderii? – Cristi Galea

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