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Watch „Biserica Sau Club Crestin ?” on YouTube

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Leaders accountability

„Good leaders know that power can be seductive, and they understand their own fallibility. To be a leader and deny this is to put yourself in danger. Over the years, I’ve read about many leaders who failed ethically in their leadership. Can you guess what they had in common? They all thought it could never happen to them. There was a false sence of security…” 

John C. Maxwell, Leadership Gold, p15, 16

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7 Signs of a Weak Leader or Pastor

„…Have you ever known a weak leader? They’re usually easy to spot.

Here are seven signs of a weak leader:

1. Runs from conflict. They avoid it at any cost. They usually say what you want to hear. They are passive-aggressive. They cave to the loudest voices. They disappear when trouble develops. You’ll never see them in the crowd when there’s a controversy looming. They hide better than they engage when people are upset about something or things aren’t going so well.
2. Hides all flaws…
3. Can’t accept criticism…
4. Quick to pass blame…
5. Leads by control… Read more>>

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6 Warning Signs Your Church Culture Is Toxic

„6 Warning Signs Your Church Culture Is Toxic

Every church has a culture. But how do you know if your church culture is toxic?

Every church has a culture. But how do you know if your church culture is toxic?

More importantly, how would you know whether you’re creating a toxic church culture as a leader?

I’ve interacted with many church leaders (and readers of this blog), and the sad reality is that there is no shortage of toxic church culture stories and experiences…”
„1. The politicians win…
2. What gets said publicly is different from what happened privately…
3. You deal with conflict by talking about people, not to people…”Read the full article HERE

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The Prophesied Exodus of Saints From Churches That Quench the Spirit’s Power

„My speech and my preaching was not with enticing words of man’s wisdom, but in demonstration of the Spirit and of power, so that your faith should not stand in the wisdom of men, but in the power of God” (1 Cor. 2:4-5).

I had a dream recently of a pastor who was worshipping the Lord in a service, but all around him there were distractions. People were not paying attention, and hardly anyone was focusing on the service. Then the Spirit of the Lord showed me that there was no expectation in the service because the pastor had built a low ceiling. This is the present hour situation in many churches today, and this is an important word for ministers and saints…”

Source Charisma News

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NewsNet Creştin: Pastor Samy Tuțac – Obsesia manipulării

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Pharaoh in the Church: Pastors Must Stop Using People to Build Kingdoms of Man

„God is looking for leaders who are humble, broken and driven by the fear of the Lord not the fear of looking like failures to their peers. We must be a people who trust God fully.

It’s sad how much competition between churches there is today—as each pastor is working hard to keep „their people” and build their kingdoms…”Read more>>
Source : Charisma News

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Compromisul, alegerea care-ți pătează conștiința – Nicolae Geantă | Ciresarii – Predici download Vladimir Pustan

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Cum raspund mai marii cultului baptist declaratiei de blestem a lui Branzei? | InfoCrestin | Stiri Crestine | Resurse Crestine | Filme Crestine Online | Biserici LIVE

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We must protect people over reputations.

„Perhaps the most effective silencing technique in Christian culture is telling those who challenge abusive or bullying behavior among church leaders that their objections are “gossip” and “slander” contributing to  “disunity in the Church.” I’ve spoken with many, many victims of sexual abuse who say this was the very language church leaders used to urge them not to report their abuse in a church environment to the authorities. “You don’t want to damage Christ’s reputation in the world, do you?” they were asked.  And indeed, the public response to the Sovereign Grace Ministries child abuse scandal revealed that far too many Christian leaders seem more concerned with protecting the reputations of their denominations, ministries, and pastors than with protecting victims of abuse.

In an interview on the bog, Boz Tchividjian of G.R.A.C.E., put it this way:

“The greatest failure of the church/Christian organizations when it comes to responding to abuse is institutional self-protection.   Too often Christian institutions have been willing to sacrifice the individual human soul in exchange for the protection of their own reputation.   What makes such responses even more heinous is that they are often justified in the name of ‘protecting the name of Christ.’   Such a justification is nothing but a pious attempt at self-protection.  It may come as a surprise to some but Jesus does not need us to protect His name!  In fact, it was Jesus who sacrificed Himself for the soul of the individual.  Tragically, in all of its attempts at self-protection, the Church too often completely misses this beautiful truth.  As a result, many abuse survivors in the Church are pushed away from the arms of Jesus and prevented from experiencing glorious Gospel love.”

If we are to change the culture that far too often prioritizes the reputation of the bully/abuser over the health and safety of the bullied/abused, we have to stop shaming victims who come forward with their stories as “gossips” and dismissing Christians who call for accountability as “divisive.” We also have to ensure that our churches are prepared to respond to bullying and abuse when it happens. (For more on that, please check out G.R.A.C.E. and the list of resources from our “Into the Light” series.)…” Read more>>

Source : Rachel Held Evans

Note : I have to mention that I do not agree  with  in all opinions  of this author.

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