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Preocupările creștinului modern – conștiința sau reputația?

Conștiința sau cugetul curat, respectând terminologia biblică, este una din cerințele de bază ale unui credincios autentic, fapt ce demonstrează o bună sănătate spirituală și are efecte pe termen lung în ceea ce privește mărturia creștină. În același timp ni se cere să promovăm o imagine publică pozitivă, pentru ca oamenii „prin faptele voastre bune…

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Christians Tapping Into New-Age Lies as Great Falling-Away Continues

Is Sister Christian sitting next to you in Sunday service a closet New Ager? Is your pastor tapping into new spirituality? Are you believing a new thought lie?

I was simply shocked to read the results of a new Barna study that shows only 17 percent of Christians who consider their faith important and attend church regularly actually have a biblical worldview. But I was decidedly dismayed by the subsequent revelations in the report…” Read more>>

In a nutshell, Barna found many Christians strongly agree with worldviews that compete with biblical teachings. In other words, many believers are believing flat out lies. Consider these startling stats about practicing Christians:

38 percent are sympathetic to some Muslim teachings

61 percent agree with ideas rooted in new spirituality

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R.T. Kendall: ‘The Church CANNOT Keep Sleeping. A Great Awakening Is Coming!

eff4d96dca950aabd066895acb778d2a„Famed preacher and author R.T. Kendall is concerned. He is worried about the state of today’s Church. „People often ask me, “What is the Church doing today in the world?” I usually reply: “Not a lot, in my humble opinion,”” he writes at Premier. There are exceptions, mostly in developing countries and remote places. I also think of the amazing work of Alpha. But generally speaking I think we are living “between the times.”

Kendall says that the Church is too „superficial,” focusing on outward appearance more than Biblical substance. Worse than this, Kendall believes that the Church is falling asleep. And he believes this is threatening to destroy the Church, without her even realizing it…” Full article here >>

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Dorel Coras – Altarul intereselor personale (8 Ianuarie, 2017)

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50,000 Christian Millennials are Making a Huge Statement in Atlanta

Despite recent surveys claiming the U.S. is becoming less religious, especially among young people, Christian Millennials are coming out in droves to the Passion 2017 conference in Atlanta, Georgia.

When millennials gather to protest at events such as Occupy Wall Street or Black Lives Matter, the media hammers it home and turns it into a national lead story.

When tens of thousands of young Christians gather to make a statement, it doesn’t seem to garner near as much attention…”

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Mark Taylor God is Exposing Corruption Everywhere Including The Church

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Anne Graham Lotz: 3 Sins America Refuses to Repent For

„God is abandoning America, Anne Graham Lotz says, because we abandoned Him and refuse to repent for three specific sins: abortion, abandoning Israel and gay marriage. 

„I don’t think we are too far gone, but I believe we are reaching the point of no return,” Lotz said in a video. 

The evangelist says our country easily fulfills Romans 1, which details how God gave man over to sin. 

„God just backs away and gives us over in His first path in this downward spiral to sexual immorality. That is the sexual revolution, that is free sex, which actually is very expensive,” Lotz says…”
Read the full article here>>
Source : Charisma News

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